Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The stress of the season

     So, I have my cousins three kids living with me right now. They are 15, 17, and 19 years old. The 19 year old moved in at the end of May and will be here for at least a year. The 15 and 17 year old will be here until their parents get a house...
     The currently homeless parents, whose children are living in my house, are actually managing to add to my stress levels. I had a birthday party for the 17 year old a few weeks ago. Her step-mom actually pulled her aside at the party to be an ass and tell her off. The step-mom continued to randomly pull the teens into rooms to have "private" conversations with them and be rude to them. My cousin (the 17 year old birthday girls dad) wouldn't even come into my house.
     AND THEN, the next day, the step mom sends a facebook IM telling the teenagers that their dad was mad at them for not leaving during the middle of the party (that was being held at the house the teens live in) to go hang out with him! WHAT? Seriously? He expects the birthday girl to leave her own party to go hang out with him because he isn't mature enough to put his differences with me aside and just come to his daughters birthday party?
     These are the same people who made a big deal out of NOT eating a pie I sent to Thanksgiving dinner with the teens (it was being held at my aunts, the teens grandmas, house). Don't you know my house is "nasty"? Coming from the people who deliberately trash every house they move out of after they are evicted? Seriously? I saw their last everywhere, fruit flies everywhere, disgusting nasty horrible awful filth EVERYWHERE!!! And my house is nasty? Get real!
     This is the same guy who just threw a fit because I made a birth announcement (cross stitching) for his grandson and finally got it to them...but he didn't want to see it.
     The funny part? He is SOOO pissed off at me, and SOOO righteously angry at me because after YEARS of his bullshit I finally snapped. I was finally just pushed to far and I told him to go Fuck himself.
     After HE told my family that I had cheated on my husband and my youngest wasn't my husbands. After HE told everyone in my family that me and my husband live in a trailer park because we blow ALL of our money at the casino. After HE told my family that I married my husband (who is admittedly 19 years older than me) for his money (haha! We do live in a trailer park). After HE told everyone in my family that their is nothing wrong with my daughter other than my parenting (Ummm....and the diagnosis of Delayed Adaptive Functioning, ADHD, Anxiety Disorder, and Mixed Expressive-Receptive Language Disorder is my fault?)
     Him and his wife have vilified me to my family. They have lied behind my back. They have stolen from me multiple times. Borrowed over a thousand dollars that they have no plans to ever pay back....

And I am the bad guy???? For getting mad and finally telling him to go Fuck himself? Really????

     I have his kids living with me. I pay for all of their food. I have made sure they had a reasonably decent Christmas (I think....hey, they all got something). I have absorbed his kids into my house hold, thrown them birthday parties, signed up for parent volunteering (and I will go through with it), and bent over backwards and shoved my own head up my own ass to help his kids.
     Guess what I have gotten for it?...

     I guess it wouldn't bother me so much except for one or two things.
1. They are still collecting the food stamps on the 15 and 17 year old and they haven't offered so much as gas money to get the 15 year old to and from all of her cheer practices (she is in Comp cheer).
2. They have treated me like less than the dirt on the bottom of their shoes.
     I DO NOT put the sins of the parents on the kids....but....this isn't fair.
     The Step mom is saying that her "allowing" the teens to stay with me (instead of the couch hopping they were doing before) is her offering me an "olive branch"....


     It is EXPENSIVE to take in two teenagers! Especially two who didn't come with a full wardrobe, winter gear, or money! Olive branch my ass!!!
     How about a simple....thank you.

     As a parent, I would be relieved to have my children somewhere that I know they are safe. I wouldn't be trying to take credit for it. I WOULD be offering to help the household as much as I could (even if it wasn't much).
     They can be angry that I am no longer willing to help them (the parents). But I am done being used by them. Period. But, I feel as though I am owed a simple thanks. So far, I have had these kids for 6 is looking like I will have them for a minimum of 5 more weeks...MINIMUM!

     Why did all of this come to me Christmas night? my cousin made his mom (my aunt) stand up for me at her Christmas dinner. He was so ferociously rude that she pulled out her big girl panties and put him in his place!
     And now I feel bad that I asked her to give them the birth announcement in the first place. I honestly didn't expect that kind of reaction out of my cousin. I expected him to ignore it, or throw it away (I said I would make it and I did. What they do with it is their choice). I could NEVER have expected the reaction he gave.
     So tomorrow, I too will pull out my big girl panties and put them on...and I will call my aunt and apologize for putting her in that situation in the first place. Even though I couldn't know the reaction that he would have (wow it was nasty), I still feel as though I owe her an apology. I didn't think it would be that big of a deal...

Anyhow, it is late, I have to get some sleep. I will tell you all about the rest of the nonsense when I have a few extra moments....May be a few days....Unless I decide to abandon my chores for a little while again.

Friday, December 21, 2012

New book, almost Christmas, stressed galore!

     I went to the Doctor's yesterday. I knew what he was going to say before I went in...I have to schedule a foot surgery.

     Six years ago, I got tendinitis, planters facietis, and neuroma's in both of my feet. After almost a year of physical therapy, anti-inflammatorys, and shots in my feet, the doctors recommended me for surgery. So, I stopped going to the doctors.

     Then, last year, my husband had a heart attack and had to start a walking routine. I decided to do the walking routine with him to support him and encourage him to continue to exercise. Within a few weeks, I was at the doctors and getting shots in my feet. A year later, and I have a recommendation to do surgery again.

     This time, I am doing the surgery. My foot hurts like hell all of the time. After six years of "managing" the pain, I am ready to do something about it. How bad is it? Well, take a needle, position your foot over it so that it is pointing in towards the ball of your foot (from the middle of your arch) and step down on it...Now, walk on that for six years. Yes. That is what it feels like.

     So, surgery on my foot, a vulnerability assessment on my youngest daughter, and a neurological work up on my oldest daughter. Add in the issues with my marriage and it is a Merry Fucking Christmas!

     But, on the plus side, I release my second book a few days ago!

Najia's Sacrifice: The Path to Destiny Book Two


     Sigh...I love my life, I really do. But, sometimes a girl needs a break!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Two seperate things....

STGRB, they are trying to be a "reliable" source as they name their "article" Pocket of Bullshit...
Once again, this site...
Geez, what do you even say about them?
Lying hypocrites?
Yep, that fits. So, lets not forget what STGRB stands for...


This may be my new mantra. I hate, hate, hate that site! I am still so pissed off that they dared link my name to my author accounts! My newest goal in life is to post about their bull honky EVERY TIME they make a, I am going to make sure the TRUTH is out there and not the lies that they perpetrate!

I will get to that later...For now, I  need to go take care of babies...6 kids in my house at the moment that I am responsible for....

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Oh the temptation!

I continue to see links to paid reviewers...and like the naughty little girl I am, I am horribly tempted! It is almost as bad as the Goodreads button taunting me!

I have just about gotten on my knees and begged bloggers to review my book...with absolutely no success. Either they don't do fantasy, or non-consent, or whatever. Their review guidelines ALWAYS manages to exclude my book! I have tried joining a few of the Darker Groups on Goodreads...and all that is doing is breaking my bank!!! Dear GOD, and I thought MY book was bad! There is a whole genre about slave bondage, rape, non-consensual everything! And I have fallen in love!

So, my book isn't that bad...but it still touches on some of those elements. I have a few scenes that are delicate...yeah...well stick with that. Anyhow, the point is, I need reviewers who aren't my friends and family.

But, it is seriously frowned upon to pay someone to review your book...but oh the temptation it presents. I understand how some authors bow under the pressure and find a paid reviewer.

My sales are non-existent this month and as I look at the amount of money I have put into this so far ***cough cough, $625, cough cough*** I wonder if it is even reasonable to hope that someday I will make that back...And so far that is just the two books...

That is the temptation factor that I can't escape...maybe if I paid a few reviewers my book would become a little more visible and I may sell a few books...and make a little money back. But...I am not going there. I am going to be a good little girl and behave myself...

But when I go to sleep tonight, don't judge me if I pay for those reviews and become as rich as J. K. Rowling :) Hey, I can dream...

Monday, November 5, 2012

First edits for Najia's Sacrifice are in!!!


I am so excited!!!! The first edits for Najia's Sacrifice (Book Two in "The Path to Destiny" series) are in! The editor sent me the first (about 35% of the book) edits this morning!

And, I am so disappointed...I wish I had the time to jump on them BUT...I have my friends two kids, and another friend broke her back in an auto accident last week so I am going to the hospital to do her hair for her. Time is a very precious commodity for me right now.

So, I will be lucky if I get to the edits tonight :(

BUT, at least I am moving forward. Once my friend is out of the hospital, I am hoping to start writing Aria's story again (final installment of the Destiny series). Life may be busy but I need to make that a priority right now...After I am done with that book, I will take a break from writing until the two little ones are gone.

My book isn't selling so well right now...And I have no idea what I can do to market it...I am going to keep smiling though and say I am happy with my three sales a month :) Maybe this series won't be a huge hit...but, I will just be glad I am writing and this is experience for me. When I have more than one book up, things may get better too...I could be 10 books into this before I start seeing a following.

But, on the plus side, STGRB is quiet for now. I am kind of wondering how long it will take me to get on the "side bar of shame"...Hopefully I manage to stay out of their sights but I don't think that is possible. I happen to KNOW that they are actually following THIS blog!!! (You can check point of entry...and STGRB pops up regularly!) I can't help but wonder what I did to attract so much attention =) ...Oh yeah, I forgot...I called them out on posting outright lies.

Other than that, I am just busy busy busy! Cleaning constantly, doing dishes, cooking, all the normal mom stuff times two right now. I am so thankful for the people who are stepping up and helping me with these kiddo's! It would be so much more difficult without them.

Anyhow, I am off to wash my friends hair and put it up for the day. Unfortunately, it must be redone everyday...but, I am only doing this until she is capable of doing it for herself =)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blog or shower....

Normally, shower would have won. Today on the other hand, I just want to curl into a ball and cry.

One of my friends was in a really bad accident last night. She has already had multiple surgery's on her spine before. Tomorrow at noon, she is scheduled for yet another surgery because she broke her back in the car accident. Let me rephrase that, she shattered a vertebrae in her back and if she moves AT ALL before her surgery she will probably be paralyzed.

I went to see her in the hospital and I think she is dying. Not from this accident but everything else that is wrong with her. She weighs 100 pounds and she looks just awful. Love the woman to death, I know she was in an accident...but, she looks like she is dying.

That is a pretty awesome statement to make and trust me, I don't make it lightly.

But, what is it that is going to do her in? The Hepatitis C? The Parkinson's disease? The undiagnosed stomach issue that makes it nearly impossible for her to eat? She is so sick all of the time...and I just want to cry over the thought that I may lose her. Soon.

Other than that, I guess it hasn't been horrible.

My final edit came in last night. I stayed up, got it all ready to go, and this morning I got it uploaded to every site I could think of :) Which means Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble. But, it is done and I am proud of myself for finally getting it finished.

Somehow, I did the work of 4 people today and managed it. My feet hurt but the work is done and hopefully tomorrow I will get a little R & R during trick or treating.

A friend of mine took the kids today to allow me to rest...but, I used that time to go see my other friend in the hospital, go grocery shopping, and get Halloween candy.

Now, I am at home, exhausted. Since Sunday, I have gotten around 8 hours or so of sleep. It is Tuesday night.

But hey, Wonder Woman has taken up residence in my house...So, once I have used up her energy reserves I will just have to syphon some off of Shee-rah when she shows up :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A quick explaination before I disappear.

It isn't forever. I have a friend who is in a really bad place in her life right now. She has a place for herself....but she doesn't have a place for her kids (3 and 5 yrs old). So, I am taking them in. I really don't have a place for her (other than my couch) and it is probably best that she be on her own for a bit to get things figured out...though she would have been welcome here had that been needed.

Somehow, I will write my book AND take care of the kiddos. Somehow, I will edit and do everything I need to do...Somehow, I will make this work.

Her only other option was to bring them to Social Services and have them put into a foster home. Tomorrow morning, at eight am, her grandma was going to bring her and the kiddos in so she could drop them off...I cannot let that happen. Just the thought makes me want to cry. If just one person had stepped up and helped me, my life would be so different.

Well, I have known this woman since we were eleven years old...twenty years. The children's father(in fact, he basically kicked them out and is refusing to take them back in...way to go dad), her family...none of them are stepping up. So, I guess I am.

Right now, my heart is kind of fluttering in my chest and I feel a little panicky over the idea of this...can I do this? Financially can I even pull this off?? I will have to feed them, bath them, take care of them...I will have them 70-90% of the time...Deep breaths elly...they are 3 and 5...they won't cost that much...

So, I may not get Aria out before Christmas. And I may not get Najia out as quick as I thought I would...but I will still be working on everything. Life has a way of throwing little surprises at us...this is just my surprise for the time being.

Wish me luck...and have patience with me. Wonder woman is brushing off her costume (just in time for Halloween too =))...And Sheerah will need to join in the fray but somehow, this will all be okay.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The start to a long road

Well, I was supposed to have my book back by today. It was supposed to be fully edited and polished and ready to go...but, I supposed I would rather have it back edited good verses on time.

I am using the extra time to learn how not to be a BBA (badly behaving author). Because I have taken this time, I now know that it would be really bad form to click on the "want to read" link, on Goodreads, on my book.

It is like a neon sign every time I look at my author profile. It dares me to click on it, tempting me, seducing me. But, I must stand strong...I must avoid giving into the temptation to do the easiest thing in the world. I absolutely cannot click on that stupid button that is taunting me relentlessly!

Anyhow, I have signed up for multiple groups. I'm trying to get into this networking thing...but my mind keeps going back to that button!

I understand how a BBA comes about! It is so tempting to just ask people to click that link, to review my book, to make it so that every time I see it, it doesn't say....
Tia's Folly : The Path to Destiny (Book #1)by
0.0 of 5 stars 0.00 avg rating — 0 ratings— published 2012

The worst part is this...It isn't even READY for reviews! I don't have the new version back from the editor, I don't have a book that I want edited...but that 0.00 rating thing is like the bully in middle school. Every time I turn around there it is!

Ignore it Elly. Ignore the bully button!

Sigh, this is going to be a very long, long road. Isn't it? Learning all of the do's and don'ts of a new SPA (self-published author). One would think the list is pretty short...
1. Write a good book.
2. Have it edited.
3. Market it.
4. Be nice.

The list is actually like a million miles long! And everyone seems to have a different understanding of what those rules are...Sigh...I will figure it out. Somehow, I will wade through the murky waters and someday I will find the clear waters.

I still can't believe how lucky I was on my first foray into the forums. I have a solid group of people that I am sure will keep me in line :D And, I can't ask for more than that...

Except for the option for ME to click that damn button to go away! If it is a no-no for an author to click it, why is it even an option....Or am I understanding something wrong again!!!

I can almost here that button (Want to read button on goodreads) laughing in my would be so easy...just a simple click of the mouse...

But NO! I will be a good girl...

One has to wonder if this is exaggerated because I am quitting smoking. Day 17 and counting...and dear God do I want a cigarette! So, maybe I am using that button to ignore the voice in the back of my heading begging for a cigarette. Who knows...either way, this is the start of a long road for me. Someday, maybe this will become a worth while venture, maybe I will fail. Either way, at least I can say I tried for my dream...all I have ever really wanted to be was a writer. Let's see what happens.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Networking is a full-time job!

Okay, this is another bear with me moment but I do have a point....

Lets start with my beef's with Amazon.

I have had about 20 comments posted by me that have been deleted. I have no idea why. I wasn't swearing, threatening, or anything! The best I have been able to come up with for a reason is this, I used words like stupidity, idiocy, ect. in the posts. But, why would that be moderated out and posts where someone was threatening bodily harm to people were fine? I am so confused!

There are all of these rules on Amazon forums that aren't posted too. Especially as an author! I think twice before I hit the publish button for every comment that I make. If I am joking I put a smily face, if I am being sarcastic, I had  better note that. It is kind of exhausting...BUT, it is also my choice. With Tia's Folly just days away from being 100% edited and ready to be splashed into all available markets, I made the choice to join in on the forums and begin "networking"...whatever the hell that means.

Any my BIGGEST complaint? I can't even find the Amazon forums from their website! I have to google it! From their webpage, it is like finding a needle in a haystack! Isn't it supposed to be easy to find a forum? Apparently Amazon doesn't think so. To manage my kindle books, author page, see the forums, and look at my book for sale, I have four different websites I have to go to! That is just ridiculous!


I haven't had as much experience on that site. First, I got a normal account through them, and then I had to apply for an authors account. That wasn't so only took about 12 hours for the author account to be approved before I was editing my author profile.

And then I made my way to the goodread groups and forums. They are MUCH easier to find than Amazon's BUT they are much harder to navigate too! I had no idea I should have been playing with/in/around these forums for months to get to know the rules and how to work them.

The point?

I had no idea the networking was going to be so complicated! Goodreads sends every new author a link to a page telling them the appropriate way to interact and promote their books. That's cool and very helpful...and in there they have a link for advertising. You click the link and it brings you to yet ANOTHER form to fill out. You are supposed to tell them how much you have every month for advertising....

Between advertising, networking, writing, editing, taking care of my kids, and my house...Well, lets put it this way, I am eating chips and dip for lunch because I don't feel like I have the time to cook just me something! I have split my day up so that I can accomplish all of this...

I get up at 7:30-8am and get my kids ready and off to school, I come home and sleep until 12-1pm. I get us, check the online forums, make coffee, clean the house, and go get my kids by 3:25pm, I check the forums using my phone while I wait for them to come out of the school. Then it is time for homework, and check online forums again. Make dinner, clean up dinner mess, get kids ready for bed, spend a little time talking to the hubby. Finally, I put everyone to bed, sit down, check the forums again...around 10pm, once everyone is sleeping, I start writing. I try to write until 1-3am, and then I go to bed to start the cycle all over again.

Why is it split like that? Because, I can't write a meaningful sentence with my kids, husband, cats interrupting me every 30 seconds. I have three solid book ideas that I want to get too but I can't until this series is DONE...and I am so close...

I have been told that as an SPA I HAVE to network...but, it takes so much bloody time! If the forums were easier to navigate, I would get through it quicker, and I would have more time to devote to stuff like....
Making fresh coffee...mmm
Making lunch for me,
Okay, if you haven't figured it out yet....I would have time for more of everything if I wasn't struggling with these silly forums!

Love the people I have met lady in particular....***sniff, sniff*** she brought tears to my eyes with the kind things she has said to me. I can't wait for her to read my book. Even if she hates it, I will just feel so...I don't know...privilaged that someone like her was willing to read my book.

Okay, I am done with the gripe fest for the day...I have an hour before I have to go get the kiddo's  so I should try to do something productive...Like plan dinner for tonight.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Burning both ends of the midnight candle

I am learning something in my old age (and I am only thirty-one)...

I can no longer handle burning both ends of the midnight candle. I am not a teenager with limitless energy anymore. I am getting older and I need my sleep.

That being said I have another issue. I cannot sleep lately. This last weekend I had friends over and they suggested drinking. A part of me thought, "A night of drinking is usually followed by a night of serious sleep!" So I was on board and we had a blast!

Then, I went to bed. I didn't fall asleep until after 4:30 in the morning and I woke up no less than seven times in between 4:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. when I woke up and got out of bed!

To make matters worse, I am barely writing right now. I am so tired and exhausted that even writing this blog post is a chore! I mean really! Who is so tired that typing a blog post is hard?


I have finally had to accept that I won't get book two out by October 1st. That was my goal but at this point it has been with my editor for over two months. Even if she got it to me RIGHT NOW I wouldn't have the time to fix it, edit it, have her re-read it, and then finish it up. I could work 24-7 on it and still not have the time. I am a little upset by this and a lot sad but I also know this is just how things go sometimes. I WANT to do things in a certain time frame but things prevent that from happening. I have to accept that and move really isn't worth dwelling over after all...

On a different note, I realized this weekend that a huge reason for not meeting new friends and/or retaining them is my husband. I love the man to death but he isn't the most sociable person in the world. He is fine with it being just me and the kiddo's all of the time. But, I AM a sociable person and I LOVE having people around me! I don't know if he does it on purpose or if he is just that socially inept, but my husband is the master at making people feel uncomfortable around him.

Take last night for example. We were drinking with some of my friends and one of them mentioned going, let me pause here and say that I wouldn't have let her leave because she had been drinking...But my husband...he put the fear of God into her for asking it. I am actually a lot worried that she isn't going to feel comfortable coming around anymore because of that situation. He could have just said no and left it at that but he didn't. He took it too far and scared the beegeezers out of her...I know I wouldn't keep going to someones house if their spouse scared me or made me feel uncomfortable. So, now I am a little worried that I am going to lose a friend because my husband is an ass...The worst part is I would even understand.

Anyhow, on the writing front...not much is happening. I am hoping to have a ton more time to write when my cousin starts beauty school next week but I am not holding my breath until she actually starts and gets her butt to school! So much could go wrong between here and next week! BUT, if she does start on time, and things go according to plan, I will have 30 hours a week to devote to my writing! I am so excited!

Now I just have to sit back and see what twists and turns life is going to throw at me this week!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sometimes it is frustrating

Oh, I know my husband is just trying to make a living for our family...but sometimes, I would like to see him more than I do. He leaves for work before 6am and normally doesn't get home until after 7pm...sometimes, he works as late as midnight!!!

Sigh, I am missing on my hubby. The kiddo's are being good and I really don't have much to complain about but I want to see the man I love. I am getting to be snappy and growly when he is around because he is gone so much. I want to be with him and be happy about it!

It is hard on the kiddo's too. My hubby walked through the door and basically turned around and walked right back out to go back to work. He was home for less than five minutes! The kiddo's are so used to it that when he said "I have to go back to work" they just said "Bye Daddy!" and went about their business.

I am basically a single parent Monday through Friday. I do it all...on the weekends, my husband lets me sleep in (because he is awake before the girls are anyhow) and we try to get a little time together...

TMI WARNING!!!! We haven't had sex in at least two weeks! He is always so tired and I know he needs his sleep. Which means, I go without...a lot!

This week isn't helping things either. I thought I would get time to write but instead I have been too busy to just sit down and write! I am hoping things improve soon though...if they don't I may never get this done! I literally haven't written a WORD in my books in over a week! How am I supposed to get them done if I don't have the time to write them!

I should be the worlds biggest hypocrite and write a self help book about time management...hehe! No really! I am good at managing my time! If I wasn't, I still wouldn't have the time to blog and would be forced to be otherwise occupied!

The worst part about all of this is that I am so tired. I am running off of 5-7 hours of sleep a night and I am SOOO ready for the weekend. Tomorrow, I swear, I am finishing laundry and then sitting down and writing! I have so many scenes in my head that need to get out! Could you imagine having Lord of the Rings 1, 2, AND 3 running through your head all at the same time? Well, that is how I am feeling right now!

Weird...there are so many things that happened this last week and so many more things I could write about...but...I just want to pull up Tia's Folly and get to writing. So, I guess Tia is calling my name...maybe I can squeeze an hour of writing in...humm....sacrifice an hour of sleep to write for an hour? Yep...gonna do it!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Writers Block

I am willing to bet that most writers suffer from the same forms of writers block that I do...mine have names. Cora, Ashley, Destiny, and Douglas. They are the people who live with me. When I sit down to write, they tend to decide it is time to talk.

Why is it that you can sit and have no one talk to you for hours BUT the second I am on the phone or on the computer suddenly I am the most interesting person in the world!

Take right now for example. I sat down at the computer, pulled up my blog, and signed in. No one was talking to me or showing me any attention. As soon as I started typing, my husband wanted to talk. Then my kids had questions...then my little cousin had a question. I have been sitting here for THREE MINUTES!

I sat back and stopped typing and everyone scattered and yet, start typing and all of a sudden they all want to talk to me again.

Sigh...I really wanted to have this book done by September 1st but that just isn't possible right now. I currently have about twenty six thousand words but I figure this book will be around one hundred thousand by the time it is done...and I am a slow typer.

I know part of my irritation is that my Aunt Flow should be coming to visit in a few days. So, I am hormonal, tired, bloated, and worst of all, a parent. This is the time of month when I would like to have "respite care" where I can go to escape the world...God I wish life worked that way!

Part of it is them...Today, my oldest daughter asked if she could stay at her friends house while I brought my youngest to her appointments. I said she had twenty minutes to get to her friends house and back to let me know what was going on. I specifically told her three times she had to let me know. Twenty five minutes later, I went to her friends house and she had left somewhere with the friend. Yes, she is grounded for that stunt. She is NINE! I need to know where she is at all times.

But, last night I wrote what may be my best "naughty" scene ever in a book. I was writing it during the day but my daughter kept interrupting me and asking what I was writing about a mood killer. So, I left writing the scene until after bedtime and ended up with a great scene! The naughty scene is about 2500 words!!! Just wait until readers get a gander at that one!

As I write that, one daughter asks if we can turn the heat down and the other streaks by with a diaper on her head (my eight year old had the diaper on wrong...she has issues. Literally.). I look at them and shake my head. It is 10pm and they should be asleep by now. There is no reason for me to have to wait until they are asleep to write. But so goes life.

Book one is up for sale at....

Friday, August 17, 2012

So, I am trying to learn how to promote my book

Let me just say this...if you have found this blog while looking for ways to promote your book you are in the wrong place. This is my RANT about how freaking hard that is to do!

Really, is there a reason why there doesn't seem to be a reasonable place to promote my book? I have tried sending it to reviewers FOR FREE and because I am self published it is the equivilant of throwing it in the trash!

No, Honestly! I am a good writer! At least that is what everyone who has read the book says. At this point I can't get anyone to buy the darn thing but everyone with a free copy says it is GREAT!

But that does me no good whatsoever if no one buys the book and no one can find it because it is lost with a million other books on Kindle!

GRRR!!! And to make matters worse, Najia's Sacrifice (book two in the series) is almost due out but I still don't have an audience! Heck, I am writing this to myself right now!

The Path to Destiny: Tia's Folly