Friday, August 17, 2012

So, I am trying to learn how to promote my book

Let me just say this...if you have found this blog while looking for ways to promote your book you are in the wrong place. This is my RANT about how freaking hard that is to do!

Really, is there a reason why there doesn't seem to be a reasonable place to promote my book? I have tried sending it to reviewers FOR FREE and because I am self published it is the equivilant of throwing it in the trash!

No, Honestly! I am a good writer! At least that is what everyone who has read the book says. At this point I can't get anyone to buy the darn thing but everyone with a free copy says it is GREAT!

But that does me no good whatsoever if no one buys the book and no one can find it because it is lost with a million other books on Kindle!

GRRR!!! And to make matters worse, Najia's Sacrifice (book two in the series) is almost due out but I still don't have an audience! Heck, I am writing this to myself right now!

The Path to Destiny: Tia's Folly

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