Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Writers Block

I am willing to bet that most writers suffer from the same forms of writers block that I do...mine have names. Cora, Ashley, Destiny, and Douglas. They are the people who live with me. When I sit down to write, they tend to decide it is time to talk.

Why is it that you can sit and have no one talk to you for hours BUT the second I am on the phone or on the computer suddenly I am the most interesting person in the world!

Take right now for example. I sat down at the computer, pulled up my blog, and signed in. No one was talking to me or showing me any attention. As soon as I started typing, my husband wanted to talk. Then my kids had questions...then my little cousin had a question. I have been sitting here for THREE MINUTES!

I sat back and stopped typing and everyone scattered and yet, start typing and all of a sudden they all want to talk to me again.

Sigh...I really wanted to have this book done by September 1st but that just isn't possible right now. I currently have about twenty six thousand words but I figure this book will be around one hundred thousand by the time it is done...and I am a slow typer.

I know part of my irritation is that my Aunt Flow should be coming to visit in a few days. So, I am hormonal, tired, bloated, and worst of all, a parent. This is the time of month when I would like to have "respite care" where I can go to escape the world...God I wish life worked that way!

Part of it is them...Today, my oldest daughter asked if she could stay at her friends house while I brought my youngest to her appointments. I said she had twenty minutes to get to her friends house and back to let me know what was going on. I specifically told her three times she had to let me know. Twenty five minutes later, I went to her friends house and she had left somewhere with the friend. Yes, she is grounded for that stunt. She is NINE! I need to know where she is at all times.

But, last night I wrote what may be my best "naughty" scene ever in a book. I was writing it during the day but my daughter kept interrupting me and asking what I was writing about a mood killer. So, I left writing the scene until after bedtime and ended up with a great scene! The naughty scene is about 2500 words!!! Just wait until readers get a gander at that one!

As I write that, one daughter asks if we can turn the heat down and the other streaks by with a diaper on her head (my eight year old had the diaper on wrong...she has issues. Literally.). I look at them and shake my head. It is 10pm and they should be asleep by now. There is no reason for me to have to wait until they are asleep to write. But so goes life.

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