Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blog or shower....

Normally, shower would have won. Today on the other hand, I just want to curl into a ball and cry.

One of my friends was in a really bad accident last night. She has already had multiple surgery's on her spine before. Tomorrow at noon, she is scheduled for yet another surgery because she broke her back in the car accident. Let me rephrase that, she shattered a vertebrae in her back and if she moves AT ALL before her surgery she will probably be paralyzed.

I went to see her in the hospital and I think she is dying. Not from this accident but everything else that is wrong with her. She weighs 100 pounds and she looks just awful. Love the woman to death, I know she was in an accident...but, she looks like she is dying.

That is a pretty awesome statement to make and trust me, I don't make it lightly.

But, what is it that is going to do her in? The Hepatitis C? The Parkinson's disease? The undiagnosed stomach issue that makes it nearly impossible for her to eat? She is so sick all of the time...and I just want to cry over the thought that I may lose her. Soon.

Other than that, I guess it hasn't been horrible.

My final edit came in last night. I stayed up, got it all ready to go, and this morning I got it uploaded to every site I could think of :) Which means Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble. But, it is done and I am proud of myself for finally getting it finished.

Somehow, I did the work of 4 people today and managed it. My feet hurt but the work is done and hopefully tomorrow I will get a little R & R during trick or treating.

A friend of mine took the kids today to allow me to rest...but, I used that time to go see my other friend in the hospital, go grocery shopping, and get Halloween candy.

Now, I am at home, exhausted. Since Sunday, I have gotten around 8 hours or so of sleep. It is Tuesday night.

But hey, Wonder Woman has taken up residence in my house...So, once I have used up her energy reserves I will just have to syphon some off of Shee-rah when she shows up :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A quick explaination before I disappear.

It isn't forever. I have a friend who is in a really bad place in her life right now. She has a place for herself....but she doesn't have a place for her kids (3 and 5 yrs old). So, I am taking them in. I really don't have a place for her (other than my couch) and it is probably best that she be on her own for a bit to get things figured out...though she would have been welcome here had that been needed.

Somehow, I will write my book AND take care of the kiddos. Somehow, I will edit and do everything I need to do...Somehow, I will make this work.

Her only other option was to bring them to Social Services and have them put into a foster home. Tomorrow morning, at eight am, her grandma was going to bring her and the kiddos in so she could drop them off...I cannot let that happen. Just the thought makes me want to cry. If just one person had stepped up and helped me, my life would be so different.

Well, I have known this woman since we were eleven years old...twenty years. The children's father(in fact, he basically kicked them out and is refusing to take them back in...way to go dad), her family...none of them are stepping up. So, I guess I am.

Right now, my heart is kind of fluttering in my chest and I feel a little panicky over the idea of this...can I do this? Financially can I even pull this off?? I will have to feed them, bath them, take care of them...I will have them 70-90% of the time...Deep breaths elly...they are 3 and 5...they won't cost that much...

So, I may not get Aria out before Christmas. And I may not get Najia out as quick as I thought I would...but I will still be working on everything. Life has a way of throwing little surprises at us...this is just my surprise for the time being.

Wish me luck...and have patience with me. Wonder woman is brushing off her costume (just in time for Halloween too =))...And Sheerah will need to join in the fray but somehow, this will all be okay.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The start to a long road

Well, I was supposed to have my book back by today. It was supposed to be fully edited and polished and ready to go...but, I supposed I would rather have it back edited good verses on time.

I am using the extra time to learn how not to be a BBA (badly behaving author). Because I have taken this time, I now know that it would be really bad form to click on the "want to read" link, on Goodreads, on my book.

It is like a neon sign every time I look at my author profile. It dares me to click on it, tempting me, seducing me. But, I must stand strong...I must avoid giving into the temptation to do the easiest thing in the world. I absolutely cannot click on that stupid button that is taunting me relentlessly!

Anyhow, I have signed up for multiple groups. I'm trying to get into this networking thing...but my mind keeps going back to that button!

I understand how a BBA comes about! It is so tempting to just ask people to click that link, to review my book, to make it so that every time I see it, it doesn't say....
Tia's Folly : The Path to Destiny (Book #1)by
0.0 of 5 stars 0.00 avg rating — 0 ratings— published 2012

The worst part is this...It isn't even READY for reviews! I don't have the new version back from the editor, I don't have a book that I want edited...but that 0.00 rating thing is like the bully in middle school. Every time I turn around there it is!

Ignore it Elly. Ignore the bully button!

Sigh, this is going to be a very long, long road. Isn't it? Learning all of the do's and don'ts of a new SPA (self-published author). One would think the list is pretty short...
1. Write a good book.
2. Have it edited.
3. Market it.
4. Be nice.

The list is actually like a million miles long! And everyone seems to have a different understanding of what those rules are...Sigh...I will figure it out. Somehow, I will wade through the murky waters and someday I will find the clear waters.

I still can't believe how lucky I was on my first foray into the forums. I have a solid group of people that I am sure will keep me in line :D And, I can't ask for more than that...

Except for the option for ME to click that damn button to go away! If it is a no-no for an author to click it, why is it even an option....Or am I understanding something wrong again!!!

I can almost here that button (Want to read button on goodreads) laughing in my would be so easy...just a simple click of the mouse...

But NO! I will be a good girl...

One has to wonder if this is exaggerated because I am quitting smoking. Day 17 and counting...and dear God do I want a cigarette! So, maybe I am using that button to ignore the voice in the back of my heading begging for a cigarette. Who knows...either way, this is the start of a long road for me. Someday, maybe this will become a worth while venture, maybe I will fail. Either way, at least I can say I tried for my dream...all I have ever really wanted to be was a writer. Let's see what happens.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Networking is a full-time job!

Okay, this is another bear with me moment but I do have a point....

Lets start with my beef's with Amazon.

I have had about 20 comments posted by me that have been deleted. I have no idea why. I wasn't swearing, threatening, or anything! The best I have been able to come up with for a reason is this, I used words like stupidity, idiocy, ect. in the posts. But, why would that be moderated out and posts where someone was threatening bodily harm to people were fine? I am so confused!

There are all of these rules on Amazon forums that aren't posted too. Especially as an author! I think twice before I hit the publish button for every comment that I make. If I am joking I put a smily face, if I am being sarcastic, I had  better note that. It is kind of exhausting...BUT, it is also my choice. With Tia's Folly just days away from being 100% edited and ready to be splashed into all available markets, I made the choice to join in on the forums and begin "networking"...whatever the hell that means.

Any my BIGGEST complaint? I can't even find the Amazon forums from their website! I have to google it! From their webpage, it is like finding a needle in a haystack! Isn't it supposed to be easy to find a forum? Apparently Amazon doesn't think so. To manage my kindle books, author page, see the forums, and look at my book for sale, I have four different websites I have to go to! That is just ridiculous!


I haven't had as much experience on that site. First, I got a normal account through them, and then I had to apply for an authors account. That wasn't so only took about 12 hours for the author account to be approved before I was editing my author profile.

And then I made my way to the goodread groups and forums. They are MUCH easier to find than Amazon's BUT they are much harder to navigate too! I had no idea I should have been playing with/in/around these forums for months to get to know the rules and how to work them.

The point?

I had no idea the networking was going to be so complicated! Goodreads sends every new author a link to a page telling them the appropriate way to interact and promote their books. That's cool and very helpful...and in there they have a link for advertising. You click the link and it brings you to yet ANOTHER form to fill out. You are supposed to tell them how much you have every month for advertising....

Between advertising, networking, writing, editing, taking care of my kids, and my house...Well, lets put it this way, I am eating chips and dip for lunch because I don't feel like I have the time to cook just me something! I have split my day up so that I can accomplish all of this...

I get up at 7:30-8am and get my kids ready and off to school, I come home and sleep until 12-1pm. I get us, check the online forums, make coffee, clean the house, and go get my kids by 3:25pm, I check the forums using my phone while I wait for them to come out of the school. Then it is time for homework, and check online forums again. Make dinner, clean up dinner mess, get kids ready for bed, spend a little time talking to the hubby. Finally, I put everyone to bed, sit down, check the forums again...around 10pm, once everyone is sleeping, I start writing. I try to write until 1-3am, and then I go to bed to start the cycle all over again.

Why is it split like that? Because, I can't write a meaningful sentence with my kids, husband, cats interrupting me every 30 seconds. I have three solid book ideas that I want to get too but I can't until this series is DONE...and I am so close...

I have been told that as an SPA I HAVE to network...but, it takes so much bloody time! If the forums were easier to navigate, I would get through it quicker, and I would have more time to devote to stuff like....
Making fresh coffee...mmm
Making lunch for me,
Okay, if you haven't figured it out yet....I would have time for more of everything if I wasn't struggling with these silly forums!

Love the people I have met lady in particular....***sniff, sniff*** she brought tears to my eyes with the kind things she has said to me. I can't wait for her to read my book. Even if she hates it, I will just feel so...I don't know...privilaged that someone like her was willing to read my book.

Okay, I am done with the gripe fest for the day...I have an hour before I have to go get the kiddo's  so I should try to do something productive...Like plan dinner for tonight.