Sunday, October 28, 2012

A quick explaination before I disappear.

It isn't forever. I have a friend who is in a really bad place in her life right now. She has a place for herself....but she doesn't have a place for her kids (3 and 5 yrs old). So, I am taking them in. I really don't have a place for her (other than my couch) and it is probably best that she be on her own for a bit to get things figured out...though she would have been welcome here had that been needed.

Somehow, I will write my book AND take care of the kiddos. Somehow, I will edit and do everything I need to do...Somehow, I will make this work.

Her only other option was to bring them to Social Services and have them put into a foster home. Tomorrow morning, at eight am, her grandma was going to bring her and the kiddos in so she could drop them off...I cannot let that happen. Just the thought makes me want to cry. If just one person had stepped up and helped me, my life would be so different.

Well, I have known this woman since we were eleven years old...twenty years. The children's father(in fact, he basically kicked them out and is refusing to take them back in...way to go dad), her family...none of them are stepping up. So, I guess I am.

Right now, my heart is kind of fluttering in my chest and I feel a little panicky over the idea of this...can I do this? Financially can I even pull this off?? I will have to feed them, bath them, take care of them...I will have them 70-90% of the time...Deep breaths elly...they are 3 and 5...they won't cost that much...

So, I may not get Aria out before Christmas. And I may not get Najia out as quick as I thought I would...but I will still be working on everything. Life has a way of throwing little surprises at us...this is just my surprise for the time being.

Wish me luck...and have patience with me. Wonder woman is brushing off her costume (just in time for Halloween too =))...And Sheerah will need to join in the fray but somehow, this will all be okay.


  1. You amaze me with your open heart and willingness to help others out as you struggle with your own life and problems. You are a strong chicka and im so glad to know you,have you in my life and look up to you in so many ways :)

    1. Thanks Manders :) I am really glad we met too.