Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Two seperate things....

STGRB, they are trying to be a "reliable" source as they name their "article" Pocket of Bullshit...
Once again, this site...
Geez, what do you even say about them?
Lying hypocrites?
Yep, that fits. So, lets not forget what STGRB stands for...


This may be my new mantra. I hate, hate, hate that site! I am still so pissed off that they dared link my name to my author accounts! My newest goal in life is to post about their bull honky EVERY TIME they make a, I am going to make sure the TRUTH is out there and not the lies that they perpetrate!

I will get to that later...For now, I  need to go take care of babies...6 kids in my house at the moment that I am responsible for....

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Oh the temptation!

I continue to see links to paid reviewers...and like the naughty little girl I am, I am horribly tempted! It is almost as bad as the Goodreads button taunting me!

I have just about gotten on my knees and begged bloggers to review my book...with absolutely no success. Either they don't do fantasy, or non-consent, or whatever. Their review guidelines ALWAYS manages to exclude my book! I have tried joining a few of the Darker Groups on Goodreads...and all that is doing is breaking my bank!!! Dear GOD, and I thought MY book was bad! There is a whole genre about slave bondage, rape, non-consensual everything! And I have fallen in love!

So, my book isn't that bad...but it still touches on some of those elements. I have a few scenes that are delicate...yeah...well stick with that. Anyhow, the point is, I need reviewers who aren't my friends and family.

But, it is seriously frowned upon to pay someone to review your book...but oh the temptation it presents. I understand how some authors bow under the pressure and find a paid reviewer.

My sales are non-existent this month and as I look at the amount of money I have put into this so far ***cough cough, $625, cough cough*** I wonder if it is even reasonable to hope that someday I will make that back...And so far that is just the two books...

That is the temptation factor that I can't escape...maybe if I paid a few reviewers my book would become a little more visible and I may sell a few books...and make a little money back. But...I am not going there. I am going to be a good little girl and behave myself...

But when I go to sleep tonight, don't judge me if I pay for those reviews and become as rich as J. K. Rowling :) Hey, I can dream...

Monday, November 5, 2012

First edits for Najia's Sacrifice are in!!!


I am so excited!!!! The first edits for Najia's Sacrifice (Book Two in "The Path to Destiny" series) are in! The editor sent me the first (about 35% of the book) edits this morning!

And, I am so disappointed...I wish I had the time to jump on them BUT...I have my friends two kids, and another friend broke her back in an auto accident last week so I am going to the hospital to do her hair for her. Time is a very precious commodity for me right now.

So, I will be lucky if I get to the edits tonight :(

BUT, at least I am moving forward. Once my friend is out of the hospital, I am hoping to start writing Aria's story again (final installment of the Destiny series). Life may be busy but I need to make that a priority right now...After I am done with that book, I will take a break from writing until the two little ones are gone.

My book isn't selling so well right now...And I have no idea what I can do to market it...I am going to keep smiling though and say I am happy with my three sales a month :) Maybe this series won't be a huge hit...but, I will just be glad I am writing and this is experience for me. When I have more than one book up, things may get better too...I could be 10 books into this before I start seeing a following.

But, on the plus side, STGRB is quiet for now. I am kind of wondering how long it will take me to get on the "side bar of shame"...Hopefully I manage to stay out of their sights but I don't think that is possible. I happen to KNOW that they are actually following THIS blog!!! (You can check point of entry...and STGRB pops up regularly!) I can't help but wonder what I did to attract so much attention =) ...Oh yeah, I forgot...I called them out on posting outright lies.

Other than that, I am just busy busy busy! Cleaning constantly, doing dishes, cooking, all the normal mom stuff times two right now. I am so thankful for the people who are stepping up and helping me with these kiddo's! It would be so much more difficult without them.

Anyhow, I am off to wash my friends hair and put it up for the day. Unfortunately, it must be redone everyday...but, I am only doing this until she is capable of doing it for herself =)