Sunday, November 11, 2012

Oh the temptation!

I continue to see links to paid reviewers...and like the naughty little girl I am, I am horribly tempted! It is almost as bad as the Goodreads button taunting me!

I have just about gotten on my knees and begged bloggers to review my book...with absolutely no success. Either they don't do fantasy, or non-consent, or whatever. Their review guidelines ALWAYS manages to exclude my book! I have tried joining a few of the Darker Groups on Goodreads...and all that is doing is breaking my bank!!! Dear GOD, and I thought MY book was bad! There is a whole genre about slave bondage, rape, non-consensual everything! And I have fallen in love!

So, my book isn't that bad...but it still touches on some of those elements. I have a few scenes that are delicate...yeah...well stick with that. Anyhow, the point is, I need reviewers who aren't my friends and family.

But, it is seriously frowned upon to pay someone to review your book...but oh the temptation it presents. I understand how some authors bow under the pressure and find a paid reviewer.

My sales are non-existent this month and as I look at the amount of money I have put into this so far ***cough cough, $625, cough cough*** I wonder if it is even reasonable to hope that someday I will make that back...And so far that is just the two books...

That is the temptation factor that I can't escape...maybe if I paid a few reviewers my book would become a little more visible and I may sell a few books...and make a little money back. But...I am not going there. I am going to be a good little girl and behave myself...

But when I go to sleep tonight, don't judge me if I pay for those reviews and become as rich as J. K. Rowling :) Hey, I can dream...

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