Friday, December 21, 2012

New book, almost Christmas, stressed galore!

     I went to the Doctor's yesterday. I knew what he was going to say before I went in...I have to schedule a foot surgery.

     Six years ago, I got tendinitis, planters facietis, and neuroma's in both of my feet. After almost a year of physical therapy, anti-inflammatorys, and shots in my feet, the doctors recommended me for surgery. So, I stopped going to the doctors.

     Then, last year, my husband had a heart attack and had to start a walking routine. I decided to do the walking routine with him to support him and encourage him to continue to exercise. Within a few weeks, I was at the doctors and getting shots in my feet. A year later, and I have a recommendation to do surgery again.

     This time, I am doing the surgery. My foot hurts like hell all of the time. After six years of "managing" the pain, I am ready to do something about it. How bad is it? Well, take a needle, position your foot over it so that it is pointing in towards the ball of your foot (from the middle of your arch) and step down on it...Now, walk on that for six years. Yes. That is what it feels like.

     So, surgery on my foot, a vulnerability assessment on my youngest daughter, and a neurological work up on my oldest daughter. Add in the issues with my marriage and it is a Merry Fucking Christmas!

     But, on the plus side, I release my second book a few days ago!

Najia's Sacrifice: The Path to Destiny Book Two


     Sigh...I love my life, I really do. But, sometimes a girl needs a break!


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