Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The stress of the season

     So, I have my cousins three kids living with me right now. They are 15, 17, and 19 years old. The 19 year old moved in at the end of May and will be here for at least a year. The 15 and 17 year old will be here until their parents get a house...
     The currently homeless parents, whose children are living in my house, are actually managing to add to my stress levels. I had a birthday party for the 17 year old a few weeks ago. Her step-mom actually pulled her aside at the party to be an ass and tell her off. The step-mom continued to randomly pull the teens into rooms to have "private" conversations with them and be rude to them. My cousin (the 17 year old birthday girls dad) wouldn't even come into my house.
     AND THEN, the next day, the step mom sends a facebook IM telling the teenagers that their dad was mad at them for not leaving during the middle of the party (that was being held at the house the teens live in) to go hang out with him! WHAT? Seriously? He expects the birthday girl to leave her own party to go hang out with him because he isn't mature enough to put his differences with me aside and just come to his daughters birthday party?
     These are the same people who made a big deal out of NOT eating a pie I sent to Thanksgiving dinner with the teens (it was being held at my aunts, the teens grandmas, house). Don't you know my house is "nasty"? Coming from the people who deliberately trash every house they move out of after they are evicted? Seriously? I saw their last everywhere, fruit flies everywhere, disgusting nasty horrible awful filth EVERYWHERE!!! And my house is nasty? Get real!
     This is the same guy who just threw a fit because I made a birth announcement (cross stitching) for his grandson and finally got it to them...but he didn't want to see it.
     The funny part? He is SOOO pissed off at me, and SOOO righteously angry at me because after YEARS of his bullshit I finally snapped. I was finally just pushed to far and I told him to go Fuck himself.
     After HE told my family that I had cheated on my husband and my youngest wasn't my husbands. After HE told everyone in my family that me and my husband live in a trailer park because we blow ALL of our money at the casino. After HE told my family that I married my husband (who is admittedly 19 years older than me) for his money (haha! We do live in a trailer park). After HE told everyone in my family that their is nothing wrong with my daughter other than my parenting (Ummm....and the diagnosis of Delayed Adaptive Functioning, ADHD, Anxiety Disorder, and Mixed Expressive-Receptive Language Disorder is my fault?)
     Him and his wife have vilified me to my family. They have lied behind my back. They have stolen from me multiple times. Borrowed over a thousand dollars that they have no plans to ever pay back....

And I am the bad guy???? For getting mad and finally telling him to go Fuck himself? Really????

     I have his kids living with me. I pay for all of their food. I have made sure they had a reasonably decent Christmas (I think....hey, they all got something). I have absorbed his kids into my house hold, thrown them birthday parties, signed up for parent volunteering (and I will go through with it), and bent over backwards and shoved my own head up my own ass to help his kids.
     Guess what I have gotten for it?...

     I guess it wouldn't bother me so much except for one or two things.
1. They are still collecting the food stamps on the 15 and 17 year old and they haven't offered so much as gas money to get the 15 year old to and from all of her cheer practices (she is in Comp cheer).
2. They have treated me like less than the dirt on the bottom of their shoes.
     I DO NOT put the sins of the parents on the kids....but....this isn't fair.
     The Step mom is saying that her "allowing" the teens to stay with me (instead of the couch hopping they were doing before) is her offering me an "olive branch"....


     It is EXPENSIVE to take in two teenagers! Especially two who didn't come with a full wardrobe, winter gear, or money! Olive branch my ass!!!
     How about a simple....thank you.

     As a parent, I would be relieved to have my children somewhere that I know they are safe. I wouldn't be trying to take credit for it. I WOULD be offering to help the household as much as I could (even if it wasn't much).
     They can be angry that I am no longer willing to help them (the parents). But I am done being used by them. Period. But, I feel as though I am owed a simple thanks. So far, I have had these kids for 6 is looking like I will have them for a minimum of 5 more weeks...MINIMUM!

     Why did all of this come to me Christmas night? my cousin made his mom (my aunt) stand up for me at her Christmas dinner. He was so ferociously rude that she pulled out her big girl panties and put him in his place!
     And now I feel bad that I asked her to give them the birth announcement in the first place. I honestly didn't expect that kind of reaction out of my cousin. I expected him to ignore it, or throw it away (I said I would make it and I did. What they do with it is their choice). I could NEVER have expected the reaction he gave.
     So tomorrow, I too will pull out my big girl panties and put them on...and I will call my aunt and apologize for putting her in that situation in the first place. Even though I couldn't know the reaction that he would have (wow it was nasty), I still feel as though I owe her an apology. I didn't think it would be that big of a deal...

Anyhow, it is late, I have to get some sleep. I will tell you all about the rest of the nonsense when I have a few extra moments....May be a few days....Unless I decide to abandon my chores for a little while again.

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  1. I am continually amazed at how insensitive your family members can be! But you know what? The three teens you took in will remember this. They will know that you can be counted on, and one day they will stick up for you. But probably not until they are older and have their lives as stable as possible. Then they will have a firm foundation to stand on when they tell their father to go shove it up his ass!