Thursday, January 24, 2013

Surgery was today.

     What a day it was...First, I got up and got my kids off to school. Then, I had to run to the grocery store. After that, I came home, visited with my nephew and my sister from out of state for a little while and jumped into the shower.
     I had to wash my foot with a special scrub for FIVE minutes!!!
     Then, it was off to the hospital. I had to be two hours early but that ended up meaning I went into surgery an hour early (and I have the cleanest foot on the face of the planet...four times being washed for at least five minutes a time).
     Everything went smoothly, and they pumped my foot full of a numbing solution (after I was put to sleep). As soon as I was being wheeled into recovery, I was asking to go home :)

BTW...the surgery I had was called a plantars fasciotomy.
Wanna see something gross? Here is a link to a video (not my surgery) but it shows what they did to my foot.
     My foot, eleven hours later, is still numb. This is worrisome. One of the risks of the surgery is possible permanent numbness. I was hoping I wouldn't be one of those people...and I am worried that those hopes have been denied.
      My heel is numb, two of my toes, and the entire bottom of my foot...Just seems like the lidocaine or Novocaine should have worn off by now. If it is still this way tomorrow night, I will know that I am one of the statistics. That is mildly frightening. I could step on a nail and not feel it. I could get a small cut and it could become infected without me knowing it...I mean really...who looks at the bottom of their feet and between their toes all of the time? Well, I will have to if the numbness doesn't start wearing off.
     I am also a little weirded out by being told NOT to take the cast off for FIVE days! Five days??? Really? I thought the best way to get a wound to heal was to expose it to the air! My entire foot is going to be NASTY after five days! Sigh...BUT, I will just have to deal with it I guess.

     To be fair, it was a smooth surgery. I am terrified of the persistent numbness but other than that...I couldn't have asked for a better surgery experience. It all went as planned, I was sedated and the foot was numbed up.

     Getting back into the house wasn't fun though. It was hard. One step at a time. Hop up onto the step, move the crutches up to the step I was on, hop up to the next one. Doug was at my back making sure I didn't slip. (Aww...he was actually really awesome today!)

     My kids? They are freaked out. Dad had a heart attack in 2011 and a shoulder surgery in 2012. Now mom had a foot surgery in 2013...Poor kiddo's! I keep assuring them I am fine but they haven't really wanted to talk to me or have much to do with me since the surgery. I think they are afraid of hurting me.

     My sister is in town and she too has been great. She made dinner, cleaned up...and I proved how much of a control freak I am about my house. I was apologizing the whole time. I know I need to accept my limited mobility and deal with it...I am just not really sure how.

     With dinner, I took my prescribed NSAID's and am having an allergic reaction. For whatever reason, my upper chest feels really cold, I have been nauseous, light-headed, and gone through hot and cold flashes since. I am looking forward to the reaction going AWAY! (Oh, and lets not forget the horrible dry mouth accompanying it!) I called my doctor (the chest coldness and the dry mouth were a little concerning together) and he said it was an allergic reaction and not to take it again. Oh and if any pain accompanies the reaction, to go to the hospital because a bad reaction to NSAID's can give you a heart attack!!!
     Yep, no problem doc! Will never take those pills again!

     Anyhow, I just wanted to update you all on how I am doing and let everyone know I am okay...I was checked into the hospital around 10:45 and was in recovery demanding to be released by 2:10is...I was released around 2:45 :) Yep, I am one of those people. I recover quickly from sedation and I hate being in the hospital! Just let me go home...

     Sigh...since starting this post, I have also developed heart burn. Sucks to be me! I am off to drink a large glass of milk and go to bed!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

This year just sucks for me!

     Overall, today went pretty well. My daughter turned 10!...That in itself is almost shocking to me! I can't believe how big she is getting! All six of the kids are laying down and most of them are sleeping. Not too shabby!

     But, I went online and started googling the knee pain I have had for the last week. It is pretty bad. It hurts like haydes to get into a squatting position and even worse to stand up from that position. I was pretty baffled at first because it seemed to come out of nowhere...and then I thought about it.

    1. Tendonitis in my hands
    2. Tendonitis in my feet

    3. Tendonitis in my knee????

    So, I did a little research and I am pretty sure that is what I will be told when I go into the doctor. And when the full impact of that hit me, I went into my bathroom and cried. I have been battling tendonitis for 9 years...I don't think it ever goes away once you have it...

    Unless you have done it, I can't fully explain how bad the treatments for tendonitis HURT! The shots...dear god, there is no way to explain the pain of those shots! But, they are bad enough that the shots have novacaine in them so you can get home before the full force of the pain hits you. And the pain doesn't just go away. The first day is just awful!

    And lets not forget, the surgery on my LEFT foot is on Thursday and now I have to get in to see an ortho doctor before that for my RIGHT knee!!!!

    This is the worst possible scenario for me...going into this surgery, I did NOT need this to happen! I have almost never had an issue with this knee, and all of a sudden, I get a freaking flare up??? And it is bad enough that it is literally crippling. I didn't think about it when I went into the bathroom and I plopped myself down on the floor. My knee screamed at me for going down, and it nearly forced me to call for assistance to get back up!

    I am only 31 years old! Why is my body falling apart!?!? I haven't been that bad to it!

    Tomorrow is a new day...Tomorrow I will accept this new challange and move on...but for tonight, I am asking God why me...Seriously...Why me? The pain is almost unbearable. My feet, my hand, my back, and knee? I hope this is fixable! I don't want another part of me hurting ALL of the time!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Losing the battle...

     I just can't adequately explain to someone what it is like to be bi-polar. The ups, the downs...what it is like to sleep for 10 hours, force yourself out of bed only to nap the day away.

     Some people believe bi-polar people are "just lazy" but let me tell you, that just isn't true.

     Today, I got out of bed. I didn't roll out of bed like a normal person...I have three alarms set and I barely dragged my ass out of bed. I felt like I had had no sleep, I felt like the worst thing in the world I could do was get out of bed. But, I have kids. They are the only reason I am not still sleeping.

     So, I got the kids to school, I ran some paperword into Anoka....and I did it that way because I knew, if I waited, I would procrastinate on getting it done until it was too late. And the paperwork HAD to be in today! I came home, and nada. I made coffee...Does that count?

     I want to have energy, I want to feel normal...but bi-polar isn't giving me that option. I feel like I just need to sleep. I have NO energy. And if I get up for too long, I feel sick.

     This, my friends, is a bi-polar depressive episode. Luckily for me, I am a rapid cycling bi-polar. I am not likely to stay down for too long. But, in the days/weeks/sometimes months where I go through these cycles, I feel like I am a failure. I have a job to do (take care of my family) and I don't feel like I do a very good job when I am in one of these phases.

    The best news for me is that I AM seeing a therapist right now. So, I can document this and moniter how long it lasts. I am so freaking tired though!!!! Looking at this screen is hurting my eyes.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Score ONE for Mommy!!!

     So, I spent about four hours today making an awesome stew for dinner. I plunked it down on the table in front of my 8 & 9 year old and told them to at least try it...What I got was this...

1. It smells disgusting
2. It looks disgusting
3. It looks like puke
4. Do I really have to eat this
5. I'm not eating it

     I finished my stew, got up from the table, and started cleaning up the kitchen. Barely two minutes into it, I hear, "Mommy, mommy, mommy, Cora gave me an extra spoon!"

     Now let me pause here and put in a disclaimer. I am hard of hearing. I mis-hear what people are saying all of the time!

     So, I turned towards my children , ready to ask for clarification, and I am presented with the site of Ashley trying to "return" the spoonful of stew that her sister had so kindly shared with her. Cora was having none of it, and having failed to prevent Ashley from returning the spoonful of stew, she was quick to scoop another spoonful and return it to Ashley's bowl.

     Stew is basically meat and veggies in a thickened broth. Thickened does not mean will stick to the spoon...And there was stew all over my table and all over the floors (carpeting in my dining room btw).

     I think I reacted like any normal parent.

     It was 5:30pm and I sent them to bed.

     Around 8pm, Cora came out of her room and asked if she could have something to eat. I offered her the stew. She accepted and sat down at the table. The offering brought Ashley out of her room, and she sat down at the table with her own bowl of stew.

     Let me point something out again...I am not the hard ass everyone thinks I am. I am a big softy and it doesn't take much to stay on my good side.

     In Cora's bowl there was a tiny piece of meat, potato, carrot, and a few pieces of corn. In Ashley's bowl, there were three pieces of meat, a carrot, a potato, and a few pieces of corn (Ashley requested the extra meat.).

     I sat down with a small scope of stew, and ate a little more with my kids. Well, with Ashley.

     Hunger finally got the better of her, and Ashley took a bite of the stew...I was watching her carefully (out of the corner of my eye) and I was convinced she hated it! Instead, she looked at me, and loudly announced, "I like this! When are you making it again?" and she proceeded to empty her bowl!

     Yay! Mommy win's! I got her to try something new, and she liked it! That is almost a double win!

     Well, she had tried it so she was permitted to make a sandwich.

     Cora finally tasted the stew, and she hated it...BUT, since she did try it (and she literally gagged on it) I allowed her to make herself two hot dogs.

     But...She tried it.

     That was a mommy win all the way around! I finally am convincing my kids to try new thinks! It took 2.5 hours in their rooms, forcing them to get hungry enough to eat something that they were determined NOT to eat, but they did it!

     Is it weird that I feel like I just won an awesome prize? No matter how much my day sucked, the fact that they tried something new...BOTH OF THEM....makes me feel like my team finally won the super-bowl! Not like that will ever happen, but, it is a good feeling!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why, oh why, do people do it???

What am I talking about? How about...piss off my husband.

Now, I know you probably all think this is a really easy thing to do...Well, it's not. In general, my husband has a pretty even temper. Sometimes it is easier to trigger than others but there are some cardinal rules with my Mr. Doug..

1. Do not, under any circumstances, insinuate that he is less than awesome. He works all of the time to provide for his family.

2. Treat his children fairly. And he is a stickler about this one.

3. Don't take advantage of his good will.

4. Respect that this is his and his children's home...and when he is in a generous mood, even I (his wife) is included in this. =)

Why am I telling you this?

Because we have three extras in our house right now (plus one dog). Life is a little stressful and thankfully we have a large mobile home and aren't being squeezed to death in here! Spacious but chaotic is how I describe it!

Tonight however, I wasn't home. I went grocery shopping with my mom. That was apparently a mistake...

Someone in my house violated Mr. Doug rule #2...and I came home to a simmering pressure cooker that had been left on the stove (for those of you not up to par on cooking lingo...he was ready to blow and was barely maintaining his cool).

I used this phrase repeatedly.

"I will handle it. I will address it and it will not be an issue again."

I repeated this, almost like a mantra, until I saw some of the evil begin to leave his eyes.

Once I was relatively certain that he wasn't about to blow his stack...the smoke was staring to wane anyhow...I got him to calm down enough to go to bed by posting signs on all of the cupboards.

Two of the signs say "This cupboard is off limits unless you have explicit permission."

Okay...Now I will get to what lead up to all of this.

While I was gone, the girls (our kids) were getting ready for bed, and one of them requested a cinnamon roll. They were told no by one of our extras. Then the other one asked for a cinnamon roll...they were told no.

One of our extras then proceeded to go get two of the cinnamon rolls. One for them, one for their guest.

I have no idea if the kids were in bed by this time or not. I have no idea what exactly went down. What I can tell you is this. I walked through the door to be presented to the most pissed off Doug I have seen in a while...

Remember last months fiasco? Well...that didn't come close to this. He wasn't yelling mad. He wasn't angry mad. He was calm, overly rational, gonna kill someone mad.

I could see it in his eyes the moment I walked through the door. And I thought someone was getting kicked out...and with THAT look on his face, I wasn't getting in the middle of it.

#2 Mr. Doug rule...treat his children (our girls) fairly.

He saw that as a huge violation and very disrespectful...and NOW I get to deal with it tomorrow. I get to handle all of the fall out. Because this is not just about this one incident...If it happens once, Mr. Doug let's it slide...So...Now I have to be guru Elly and make this one go away...

Most of you reading this, don't know my husband...There are levels to his anger...and when he is as angry as he was tonight...even I won't get in his way. And I am the one who has screaming matches with him! (Not all the time...but when we fight we can get loud!)

I was looking forward to tomorrow...not so much now.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

You know...getting old sucks!

Yeah...I know I am only thirty-one, but one night of bad/little sleep and I feel like the Walking Dead!

On the plus side, I am so excited some of my shows are starting up again. I watched the first episode of  The Biggest Loser tonight and for about two seconds I was disappointed that I would have to wait until next week to get another fix. And then, I remembered that it is on again tomorrow! Yay! I love the Biggest Loser! It makes me feel better about my own weight and reminds me that once my foot is all better, there is nothing stopping me from getting in shape anymore =)

Yep, that is my plan. I don't want to be thirty-two and 220 pounds. I need to lose about 50 pounds to get myself back to a healthy weight. My actual goal though is 150. I honestly may never hit that but I will try. I will just be happy with 170 to be honest. I am not a teeny bopper worried about fitting into that ultra skimpy bikini. Looking good in a one piece is good enough for me =)

Step by step, day by day, we draw closer to the date of my surgery. I am a doubter...I started worrying that I was having the surgery for the wrong reasons...that I am using my foot as an excuse to not exercise and maybe the pain from my foot really isn't all that bad. And then, I woke up this morning with, what I call, a flare up. My foot is bothering me even when I am not walking. If this surgery can alleviate the pain, or make it go away completely, it is totally worth it! The 3-4 weeks of being on crutches or using a knee scooter (exactly what it sounds like) will pay off in the end...and then I can do yoga without my foot hurting so bad that I have to break the poses.

But, for tonight I am way too exhausted to write a lengthy blog. I am just going to go to bed and get some sleep in my comfortable bed with my comfortable pillow.

The drama and stress levels in my house HAVE dropped to a manageable level. I am so grateful for that. I have too much on my plate to be fighting with a kid that isn't mine. My kids are more relaxed and seem to be calmer than they have been the last few over all, the changes were good ones. I am glad for that. I needed the stress reduction.

Friday, January 4, 2013 never does slow down for me

     So, on the 24th of this month, I go in for foot surgery. I will be non-weight bearing with my left foot for 3-4 weeks.

     I am a little uncertain about what this will look like...there are steps to leave the mobil home...and steps to get in it...and I have been told I will have to hop up and down the steps...In January, in Minnesota, I have been advised to "hop" up and down steps. This is not going to end well.

     My sister offered to come in from out of state to help me. But, I don't really want to have her go out of her way like that for me...does that sound weird? I love my sister, and I LOVE that she is willing to come to Minnesota to help me...but, I don't think it is that major of a surgery. I am going to research it a little more before I call her about it. I would feel like the worlds BIGGEST idiot if I said no and then really needed her...

     That's it for today...that is all of the Elly drama I have for you. Tomorrow, I am going to go to a hotel and watch the Vikings, Packers game with my husband and just relax.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The ultimate back stabber

Remember my post yesterday about the really really rude teenager I had living with me? Well, today I instructed her not to take her ipod to school as it is not an appropriate place for that device...she took it to school. Knowing that she was going to lose it (I would confiscate it) she has now moved out...

Here are the messages she forwarded me (I am assuming on accident) between her and her mom.

Hey I have to talk to you...

whats up... 

Elly had a letter on my iPod this morning that said um you were on your iPod yesterday and that is not appropriate and you either need to leave it home or with your mom I was like I was on it in the morning before school started and in paws which is study hall and it died after that so not like i was on it anyways and I talked to mom about it she is fine with it just if I don't use it in other classes and I was like and I was talking to mom on it all she does is complaine about me and to me all the time all day and yesterday I was doing the dishes and she complained again...

what do you want to do do you want to come to aunt cindys... 

Well are you guys going to go to the church on Friday and then I will come to the church and I can just come with you guys and ill think about what needs to happen... 

i think i will go... 

Okay so I will go to the church then stay there till Sunday and then we will see like she is just being rude... 

she is always rude to you... 

I know... 

well just remember i love you... 

And now the rule is is I can't have naps cuz I don't go back to bed at night which I do they just woke me up twice by turning in the light... 

wow okay how much longer do you have cheer... 

? What you mean... 

Mom Elly just posted on Facebook oh little girl you did not just through something back in my face I don't care who's child you are the consequences start now  So call ms Cassidy and ask her to start the bus next week on Monday cuz I'm moving with you guys  K gotta go starting class...

k baby i will do that... 

Hey but how will I get home from practices  And get to them ?... 

I'm in study hall right now... 


you can find a friends house you can go to after practice and dad will pick you up... 

Or maybe you can talk to grandma grandma and I can sit there till he gets off... 

we will figure it out... 

Okay mamma... 

if you get there tonight and she starts call me i will have dad pick you up after work... 

Okay that sounds better could you just have dad pick me up tonight... 

okay i will do that  he gets off at930 so i will have hime pick you up... 

But how will I get to school tomorrow... 

we will have to take you... 

Okay and okay just tell him and I will pack my stuff when I get home and then he will pick me up and I will see you tonight... 

sounds good baby where are you now... 

I really don't want to go there  School waiting for practice... 

i understand well be safe what time is practice over... 


okay well pack your stuff tell elly thank you for her help but you dont want to be a problem for her and you are going to go to your parents who will make sure you are doing what you need to.  tell her she has enough people and stress and you will just come here... 

Ok we'll I texted her before we planned to go tonight I thought I was just going tomorrow and I was like I am leaving and moving in with my mom and you won't have to deal with me... 

did she respond... 

No she has not responded all day... 

okay  well if she does anything call grandma grandma...


cause she cant abuse you and she would come get you
i would hate to have to kill her... 

Oh we'll I'm strong I can wait till dad comes... 

well she is there if you need her... 

Okay and she unfriendly me on Facebook lol... 

ahh such a loss... 

Right but make sure dad comes...

i will

 I can't ABUSE A? B wouldn't want to come kill me? Seriously? B is a doped up, ex druggy who can't get off of her ass long enough to BATHE! She stanks, has atrophied her muscles by sitting on her ass for years! How in the hell would she come kill me? As for me abusing because I wouldn't sit back and allow her to continuously disrespect me? Really? They can go to hell!

As for A...she has burned her last bridge with me. She will never be allowed to live in my house again...Talk about the ultimate back stabbing...hope she enjoys her Ipod.

    Wednesday, January 2, 2013

    The frustrations just keep mounting.

         I love the teenagers in my really...I do.


         They all have at least one annoying quality that is starting to drive me insane. One of them cannot be respectful for the life of her. She is snarky, rude, disrespecful, and just plain bitchy about 90% of the time...and if she gets off of her ass once a week to do something, you should be so grateful that she did anything for you. She has been getting worse and worse and it is at the point that I am calling in her parents to take care of it. I have tried to be nice...but OH MY GOD!!!! The amount of evil coming off of this girl is amazing. There is nothing I can say or do that is right! She is always mean to my kids and she flaunts the fact that she is breaking the few rules I have in my face!!! This is beyond teenage rebellion...This is outright, complete and total disrespect for a person.

         Another one of the teenagers just about has a panic attack at every little turn in life. She has been taught that everything is a "major" crisis and doesn't know how to handle even the tiniest bit of drama. AND she is sneaky, she lies to your face, and she will go behind your back to find out what you are doing or what you are saying. She opened a letter I wrote to her mother because I wouldn't tell her what was in it. I just asked her to deliver it because her parents don't like me. But, she couldnt' just deliver it. She HAD to open it and see what was inside...and I have a feeling she knows where everything in my house is better than I do.

         The final teenager has so little self-confidence that it actually gets annoying. She will sit there and say the dumbest of things about herself and her abilities. Of everything in this world, she believes she will fail at anything she tries to do...Doesn't matter what it is...she believes she is a failure. AND THE WORST PART???? She will fight with you about being a failure! It is so ingrained into her brain that she honestly believes she isn't worthy of anything. Somedays I just want to scream and shake her until she snaps out of this and can look in the mirror and see the person she really is! Oh, and my main pet peeve? She laughs about not doing the (very) few chores she has and just blames it on being lazy! Grr...not a good excuse.


         So, why do I have these three teenagers in my home if they are driving me this crazy?
    1. One of them lives with me until she is done with college, has a job, and is able to live on her own...the other two are with me because their parents are homeless.
    2. I love them. Yep. Even after all of that, I do love them.
    3. I want to see them all succeed and I am willing to do what I can to help them accomplish that.

         There are things about them that I like...I will go in the same order I was bitching about them in...

         One of these girls is very personable. She has a very outgoing personality and is usually up for any challange you throw her way. Before she moved in with me, I rarely saw the snark and the disrespectful side of her. She was usually respectful, kind, and helpful. She is hard working and determined. If you ever got into a fight, she is the kind of girl you would want to have your back.

          The next one is funny. She has a way of telling a story that draws you in and makes you believe every word she is saying. She is very affectionate and sensitive to other's emotions/needs. She will go out of her way to help you at her own expense. If you ever needed a friend, you would go to her because she is willing to listen to whatever you have to say and eager to offer up advise or a shoulder to cry on.

         And finally...the last one. She is the sweetest person. She wouldn't hurt a fly on purpose. Life is often confusing for her and she looks to others for guidance. She wants to be guided and yet at the same time she is like this fragil butterfly. She is slowly coming out of her cocoon and learning more about herself everyday. When she looks to you for guidance, you feel special...almost blessed that she chose to trust you to guide her. She is one of the fragil, special souls in this world who need protecting. And once you meet her, there is something about her that makes you want to keep her safe.

         So, on top of the teenage girl drama, my husband has hit his limit with them too. So, I am trying to shield the girls from my husbands snark and frustration. BUT, even this mama has her limit too...

    Last night, I exploded...

        I was sick for five days and during that time (while they were all on sabatical from school) very little got done. The clutter was building up...the house was messy...and I was trying to clean it.
        I did the counters twice, I did dishes twice, I was doing minor pickup, and trying to get the house moving in the right direction. I put a roast in the crock pot and left instructions for them to pull the roast at 6pm and make potatoes and corn  to go with it...simple right?
         When I got home at 6:30pm, dinner was done (cold but hey...I was the one who was late). I sat down, I ate...and I realized that all anyone had done all day was sit on their asses, make potatoes and corn, eat, and watch television. I looked at the dirty dishes on my counters and the flecks of potato all over the counters I had washed twice yesterday....

         And then it happened...

         One of the teenagers walked up to me, five minutes after I told my kids to hurry up and finish eating so they can take baths/showers, and said, I have no socks for tomorrow.

         And I snapped.

         It was basically "stay the fuck out of my way and just listen to me bitch while I clean" time. I sorted and started laundry, did the dinner dishes, cleaned and decluttered all of the counters, and I cleared off the tops of the cabinets! I went on a raving, crazy, cleaning frenzy...

         And guess what.

         For the first time since all of these teenagers moved in, my house is almost 100% clutter free. I felt so relaxed and calm today. I just simply cannot stand clutter. And from here on out, I will be the bitchiest person you have ever met with it comes to the clutter in the house. My home WILL be kept clean. I may have to do 95% of it on my own...I may piss off my entire household...but I don't give a flying fuck!

         My home must be clean. That is one of my oddities. The more cluttered my house gets, the more anxious I get. The anxiety continues to grow until something sets me off and I declutter the house. I know this about myself and usually I keep the clutter from getting that bad. But, I am the mama in the house and I was sick for almost a week (to be fair, one of the teenagers was gone most of the time).

         But, the problem is this. People keep making messes and leaving them for me to clean up. If I ask who made the was Cora and Ashley (my 8&9 year olds)...yeah...well...sometimes that is hard to believe...My children who haven't been home since yesterday when I dropped them off for a sleep over did it? Really? Or my kids who have been at school all day did it? Wow...they are talented.
         Do my kids make the mess? Yeah...about half of the time. But right now they are laboring under the strain of being constantly blamed for everything....The teenager leaves out a bottle of expensive perfume and is shocked and angry when my special needs 8 year old sprays the perfume on a few things...Then the teen tries to tell me the bottle was full and now, it's like, half gone!!!! You showed it to me and yes, there is more gone than there was when I saw it last...but it wasn't anywhere near the amount you are claiming AND it was still your fault. Pick up after your own lazy ass and it wouldn't have happened.

         This evening, I told one of the teenagers it was bedtime now (yes, I have had to institute a bedtime for them). She got rude with me and told me she was finishing her conversation with her mother first. Well...excuse me little miss...but you live in my fucking house and what I say goes. I don't care if you are talking to God...get your ass in bed! But, no...she finishes the conversation with her mom and lazes her way to bed...and then half an hour later, her sister got home from work, and she got out of bed and came out to see her...
         NO! You go to bed and you go to sleep. If you can't sleep it is your own fault for napping after school! You are too old for naps! And when I told her to go to bed, she got snarky again! What is with this girl!

         I keep telling myself that this is good practice for when my kids are teenagers...That I will be banging my head against the wall then too...Only then, I won't be able to call their parents and demand that they do something with their ubber crabby kid...because they will be my kids. Lol...

    Anyhow. I feel better now that I have vented a little...Tomorrow, the teenagers mom will hopefully call me and hear what I say. I love her daughter....but....I need her to step in and set her teen straight. This is my house, she follows my rules...or she can go live with her parents.