Thursday, January 17, 2013

Score ONE for Mommy!!!

     So, I spent about four hours today making an awesome stew for dinner. I plunked it down on the table in front of my 8 & 9 year old and told them to at least try it...What I got was this...

1. It smells disgusting
2. It looks disgusting
3. It looks like puke
4. Do I really have to eat this
5. I'm not eating it

     I finished my stew, got up from the table, and started cleaning up the kitchen. Barely two minutes into it, I hear, "Mommy, mommy, mommy, Cora gave me an extra spoon!"

     Now let me pause here and put in a disclaimer. I am hard of hearing. I mis-hear what people are saying all of the time!

     So, I turned towards my children , ready to ask for clarification, and I am presented with the site of Ashley trying to "return" the spoonful of stew that her sister had so kindly shared with her. Cora was having none of it, and having failed to prevent Ashley from returning the spoonful of stew, she was quick to scoop another spoonful and return it to Ashley's bowl.

     Stew is basically meat and veggies in a thickened broth. Thickened does not mean will stick to the spoon...And there was stew all over my table and all over the floors (carpeting in my dining room btw).

     I think I reacted like any normal parent.

     It was 5:30pm and I sent them to bed.

     Around 8pm, Cora came out of her room and asked if she could have something to eat. I offered her the stew. She accepted and sat down at the table. The offering brought Ashley out of her room, and she sat down at the table with her own bowl of stew.

     Let me point something out again...I am not the hard ass everyone thinks I am. I am a big softy and it doesn't take much to stay on my good side.

     In Cora's bowl there was a tiny piece of meat, potato, carrot, and a few pieces of corn. In Ashley's bowl, there were three pieces of meat, a carrot, a potato, and a few pieces of corn (Ashley requested the extra meat.).

     I sat down with a small scope of stew, and ate a little more with my kids. Well, with Ashley.

     Hunger finally got the better of her, and Ashley took a bite of the stew...I was watching her carefully (out of the corner of my eye) and I was convinced she hated it! Instead, she looked at me, and loudly announced, "I like this! When are you making it again?" and she proceeded to empty her bowl!

     Yay! Mommy win's! I got her to try something new, and she liked it! That is almost a double win!

     Well, she had tried it so she was permitted to make a sandwich.

     Cora finally tasted the stew, and she hated it...BUT, since she did try it (and she literally gagged on it) I allowed her to make herself two hot dogs.

     But...She tried it.

     That was a mommy win all the way around! I finally am convincing my kids to try new thinks! It took 2.5 hours in their rooms, forcing them to get hungry enough to eat something that they were determined NOT to eat, but they did it!

     Is it weird that I feel like I just won an awesome prize? No matter how much my day sucked, the fact that they tried something new...BOTH OF THEM....makes me feel like my team finally won the super-bowl! Not like that will ever happen, but, it is a good feeling!

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