Thursday, January 24, 2013

Surgery was today.

     What a day it was...First, I got up and got my kids off to school. Then, I had to run to the grocery store. After that, I came home, visited with my nephew and my sister from out of state for a little while and jumped into the shower.
     I had to wash my foot with a special scrub for FIVE minutes!!!
     Then, it was off to the hospital. I had to be two hours early but that ended up meaning I went into surgery an hour early (and I have the cleanest foot on the face of the planet...four times being washed for at least five minutes a time).
     Everything went smoothly, and they pumped my foot full of a numbing solution (after I was put to sleep). As soon as I was being wheeled into recovery, I was asking to go home :)

BTW...the surgery I had was called a plantars fasciotomy.
Wanna see something gross? Here is a link to a video (not my surgery) but it shows what they did to my foot.
     My foot, eleven hours later, is still numb. This is worrisome. One of the risks of the surgery is possible permanent numbness. I was hoping I wouldn't be one of those people...and I am worried that those hopes have been denied.
      My heel is numb, two of my toes, and the entire bottom of my foot...Just seems like the lidocaine or Novocaine should have worn off by now. If it is still this way tomorrow night, I will know that I am one of the statistics. That is mildly frightening. I could step on a nail and not feel it. I could get a small cut and it could become infected without me knowing it...I mean really...who looks at the bottom of their feet and between their toes all of the time? Well, I will have to if the numbness doesn't start wearing off.
     I am also a little weirded out by being told NOT to take the cast off for FIVE days! Five days??? Really? I thought the best way to get a wound to heal was to expose it to the air! My entire foot is going to be NASTY after five days! Sigh...BUT, I will just have to deal with it I guess.

     To be fair, it was a smooth surgery. I am terrified of the persistent numbness but other than that...I couldn't have asked for a better surgery experience. It all went as planned, I was sedated and the foot was numbed up.

     Getting back into the house wasn't fun though. It was hard. One step at a time. Hop up onto the step, move the crutches up to the step I was on, hop up to the next one. Doug was at my back making sure I didn't slip. (Aww...he was actually really awesome today!)

     My kids? They are freaked out. Dad had a heart attack in 2011 and a shoulder surgery in 2012. Now mom had a foot surgery in 2013...Poor kiddo's! I keep assuring them I am fine but they haven't really wanted to talk to me or have much to do with me since the surgery. I think they are afraid of hurting me.

     My sister is in town and she too has been great. She made dinner, cleaned up...and I proved how much of a control freak I am about my house. I was apologizing the whole time. I know I need to accept my limited mobility and deal with it...I am just not really sure how.

     With dinner, I took my prescribed NSAID's and am having an allergic reaction. For whatever reason, my upper chest feels really cold, I have been nauseous, light-headed, and gone through hot and cold flashes since. I am looking forward to the reaction going AWAY! (Oh, and lets not forget the horrible dry mouth accompanying it!) I called my doctor (the chest coldness and the dry mouth were a little concerning together) and he said it was an allergic reaction and not to take it again. Oh and if any pain accompanies the reaction, to go to the hospital because a bad reaction to NSAID's can give you a heart attack!!!
     Yep, no problem doc! Will never take those pills again!

     Anyhow, I just wanted to update you all on how I am doing and let everyone know I am okay...I was checked into the hospital around 10:45 and was in recovery demanding to be released by 2:10is...I was released around 2:45 :) Yep, I am one of those people. I recover quickly from sedation and I hate being in the hospital! Just let me go home...

     Sigh...since starting this post, I have also developed heart burn. Sucks to be me! I am off to drink a large glass of milk and go to bed!

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