Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why, oh why, do people do it???

What am I talking about? How about...piss off my husband.

Now, I know you probably all think this is a really easy thing to do...Well, it's not. In general, my husband has a pretty even temper. Sometimes it is easier to trigger than others but there are some cardinal rules with my Mr. Doug..

1. Do not, under any circumstances, insinuate that he is less than awesome. He works all of the time to provide for his family.

2. Treat his children fairly. And he is a stickler about this one.

3. Don't take advantage of his good will.

4. Respect that this is his and his children's home...and when he is in a generous mood, even I (his wife) is included in this. =)

Why am I telling you this?

Because we have three extras in our house right now (plus one dog). Life is a little stressful and thankfully we have a large mobile home and aren't being squeezed to death in here! Spacious but chaotic is how I describe it!

Tonight however, I wasn't home. I went grocery shopping with my mom. That was apparently a mistake...

Someone in my house violated Mr. Doug rule #2...and I came home to a simmering pressure cooker that had been left on the stove (for those of you not up to par on cooking lingo...he was ready to blow and was barely maintaining his cool).

I used this phrase repeatedly.

"I will handle it. I will address it and it will not be an issue again."

I repeated this, almost like a mantra, until I saw some of the evil begin to leave his eyes.

Once I was relatively certain that he wasn't about to blow his stack...the smoke was staring to wane anyhow...I got him to calm down enough to go to bed by posting signs on all of the cupboards.

Two of the signs say "This cupboard is off limits unless you have explicit permission."

Okay...Now I will get to what lead up to all of this.

While I was gone, the girls (our kids) were getting ready for bed, and one of them requested a cinnamon roll. They were told no by one of our extras. Then the other one asked for a cinnamon roll...they were told no.

One of our extras then proceeded to go get two of the cinnamon rolls. One for them, one for their guest.

I have no idea if the kids were in bed by this time or not. I have no idea what exactly went down. What I can tell you is this. I walked through the door to be presented to the most pissed off Doug I have seen in a while...

Remember last months fiasco? Well...that didn't come close to this. He wasn't yelling mad. He wasn't angry mad. He was calm, overly rational, gonna kill someone mad.

I could see it in his eyes the moment I walked through the door. And I thought someone was getting kicked out...and with THAT look on his face, I wasn't getting in the middle of it.

#2 Mr. Doug rule...treat his children (our girls) fairly.

He saw that as a huge violation and very disrespectful...and NOW I get to deal with it tomorrow. I get to handle all of the fall out. Because this is not just about this one incident...If it happens once, Mr. Doug let's it slide...So...Now I have to be guru Elly and make this one go away...

Most of you reading this, don't know my husband...There are levels to his anger...and when he is as angry as he was tonight...even I won't get in his way. And I am the one who has screaming matches with him! (Not all the time...but when we fight we can get loud!)

I was looking forward to tomorrow...not so much now.

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