Monday, February 11, 2013

The pick me up that I desperately needed!

So, I got a three star review today and I am THRILLED with it!!!

My 3-star review for Tia's Folly...

"I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I did enjoy the read, but found there were a few small glitches that pulled me out of my reading zone, you know, that place were the words sort of disappear and all you see is your own personal movie in your head.

I am a lover of fantasy. The more magical and mystical the better. I felt that author Elly Helcl did a good job of making her magical world seem realistic. I almost completely bought into all of her characters and I was certainly able to feel the emotion within the dialogue as well as in between the lines.

The story was descriptive enough for me to paint my own picture, but no so much as to lock me into certain parameters. I do wish that the story had opened up a bit more slowly, but really just a bit. I understand that the intent was to instill urgency and express panic; being that it started with a barrage of dialogue I found that it took me a few pages before I was really able to get my barrings. I really didn't "get it" for about 5 pages, after that I was able to make sense of it all.

The adult content was shocking, as in I wasn't really prepared for it when it happened. I understood before I read that this was going to be harsh but in comparison to the more innocent nature of the book I found it jarring. I would have liked a little more foreshadowing to have ever so slightly softened the blow. Honestly this content, though used sparingly was a bit more than just harsh and I've read many books with taboo/non-con story lines.

I feel that with a bit more back story, editing and rounding out of the story and character that I would have easily given this book 4 stars." (This review can be found on Amazon and Goodreads on Tia's Folly's page...I don't have permission to post the reviewers name yet, if I get that I will add that).


After all of the damage done by STGRB, it just felt awesome to get this review. I know it isn't a five-star review...but it feels like one to me :D

The adult content was meant to shock....There were warnings :) I am giggling as I write that...I can see where the readers would appreciate a little warning though. They were kind of written as "bam, in your face" scenes!

After the constant negativity that has come my way over the last few months, this couldn't have come at a better time...this is why I write. I am in contact with the reviewer, I would LOVE to know what I can change to get her passed "a pleasant book reading experience" and into the realm where the world just drifts away. That is my goal...I just want people to read what I write...I don't care if I ever make money at this...I just want people to read my books :) It is a bonus that she enjoyed this book and an even bigger bonus that she reviewed it!

This is why I write, and this is why I will continue to write :D

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Spark is just gone...

     After my series 'The Path to Destiny' has been unfairly one starred multiple times, I have lost my desire to finish the series.

     How am I supposed to fix that? I haven't written anything for weeks and I can't force the inspiration! I have tried!

     So, after much debate within myself, I have decided to change the release date for the final installment of 'The Path to Destiny' and start writing a completely different book...In a completely different genre...Still a romance.

     I just don't understand why/how I have drawn so much negative attention to myself since I started trying to get my name out there. I feel so...degraded. I KNOW people would enjoy my books if they would just give them a chance...but, no one seems willing to do that.

     At this point, I am considering starting a book that I may never publish. Once I am done with my series, I may decide to just quit writing...maybe I need to create a pen name? I don't just seems so unfair that within 48 hours of being on Amazon, I managed to get on the wrong side of STGRB...and how did I do it? I mentioned to Ann Somerville (after googling and finding the site because I had NO IDEA what people were talking about when they mentioned that site) that she was listed as Scary. Run. Fast...And then I made the ultimate mistake...I told Ann that I thought she was nice.

     You got it. That is the one thing I did that got me put on the "side bar" at STGRB. I told them (STGRB) my books have been unfairly targeted because of my inclusion at that site...they removed the link to my Goodreads account, but left my name up as an Amazon Flora old name and my actual name.

     Sigh...I wish I was the "troll" they claim I am. I would create a new name, a new look (hey, how hard is it to re-write a blurb, redo a cover, and write under a fake name?), and re-release my books under the sock puppet account. But, I am not the kind of person they have labeled me to be. I am fair, I am honest, and I am just about done being stepped on by Internet bullies.

     This isn't middle school anymore. As an adult, I don't have to accept being treated like that. But, in this situation, my only recourse, is to stop writing...

     Am I wrong? Is there another option?

    I don't know...but luckily, as an author, I set my own hours, I decide what to write. So, I have plenty of time to decide what is best for me :D

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Days like today...

     Sometimes, I feel like I can't even give my book away. I am so frustrated by the lack of interest in my book! I have had it professionally edited and illustrated (the cover)...

     Blah! I am just no good at marketing or writing my own blurbs. I don't know that I can stretch my budget to include a blurb writer though...I just don't think I can do it...

     AND...pity party is over in three, two, one...

     The good news is this...a wonderful person that I met on GR (won't mention names because I do not have their permission to post that here) directed me to the leaders of a few other groups that do R2R (read to review). I actually got a response back from one of them and my book was put up in their group for an R2R!
     So far, two people are interested....sigh....I am going to hold my head high and love the hell out of those two people for being willing to give my books a shot! They both have their books in hand ( ereader's) and I am honestly excited to learn what they think of the books! Good or bad I am always excited to hear what someone thinks of my writing. :)

     In other news, my kids have been horrifying butts today. Okay, fine. Horrifying may be too strong of a about...humm, imps? Yep, that works. They have been imps all day. Their friend from next door was about to leave in a huff and I stopped her and asked her what was wrong. She said...
     "Whenever I come over here, they never get along!" (she is seven)
     I was just like, aww...honey...they never get along. We talked for a few minutes and she decided to give my girls a second chance at sharing her =) What a sweetie pie!

     My husband has spent his day outside (BRRRR.) in 10 degree weather, changing his back brakes. Of course it couldn't go smoothly and quickly. Issues after issues....but the good news for him is that I am such a kick ass wife!!! He has warm gloves, hats, and really nice boots to wear....because I make sure my family has what they need.

     Me, I have spent my day being bored out of my mind. I am not cut out for this inactivity! I am plotting my workouts and trying to figure out what I can do without a foot (Yes, my foot is still there...but I am allowed to put ZERO pounds on it). 
     I tried to weigh myself this morning....with one foot...and that is a joke! I weigh somewhere between 201 and 228 pounds...the scale apparently needs both feet to read accurately.

     Sigh, so I feel much better today than I have this last week....My ass still hurts from sitting on it all the time, my shoulders hurt from using the crutches, my back hurts from bending over the knee caddy all day...but hey, three weeks down....19 days to go...EGADS!!! I am gonna kill my doctor if he makes me wait the full 19 days to walk! I am going bat shit crazy here!!!

     I can't think of anything else to blog about at the moment....So, ta-ta...