Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Spark is just gone...

     After my series 'The Path to Destiny' has been unfairly one starred multiple times, I have lost my desire to finish the series.

     How am I supposed to fix that? I haven't written anything for weeks and I can't force the inspiration! I have tried!

     So, after much debate within myself, I have decided to change the release date for the final installment of 'The Path to Destiny' and start writing a completely different book...In a completely different genre...Still a romance.

     I just don't understand why/how I have drawn so much negative attention to myself since I started trying to get my name out there. I feel so...degraded. I KNOW people would enjoy my books if they would just give them a chance...but, no one seems willing to do that.

     At this point, I am considering starting a book that I may never publish. Once I am done with my series, I may decide to just quit writing...maybe I need to create a pen name? I don't just seems so unfair that within 48 hours of being on Amazon, I managed to get on the wrong side of STGRB...and how did I do it? I mentioned to Ann Somerville (after googling and finding the site because I had NO IDEA what people were talking about when they mentioned that site) that she was listed as Scary. Run. Fast...And then I made the ultimate mistake...I told Ann that I thought she was nice.

     You got it. That is the one thing I did that got me put on the "side bar" at STGRB. I told them (STGRB) my books have been unfairly targeted because of my inclusion at that site...they removed the link to my Goodreads account, but left my name up as an Amazon Flora old name and my actual name.

     Sigh...I wish I was the "troll" they claim I am. I would create a new name, a new look (hey, how hard is it to re-write a blurb, redo a cover, and write under a fake name?), and re-release my books under the sock puppet account. But, I am not the kind of person they have labeled me to be. I am fair, I am honest, and I am just about done being stepped on by Internet bullies.

     This isn't middle school anymore. As an adult, I don't have to accept being treated like that. But, in this situation, my only recourse, is to stop writing...

     Am I wrong? Is there another option?

    I don't know...but luckily, as an author, I set my own hours, I decide what to write. So, I have plenty of time to decide what is best for me :D

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