Monday, March 18, 2013

I'd be lying if I said it's coming along

Because it's not. Period.

I haven't written a usable word in months. I thought when I had my foot surgery, that I was going to have weeks to do nothing more than write...

But. I can't.

To make matters worse, the stress in my life has hit unbelievable proportions at the moment...(refer to last blog if you are interested in having that one explained.)

I need to get this book written! I need to figure out how to write past the stress. I just am starting to come to the conclusion that it isn't possible.


My new plan of action is this. I am going to have to let my life settle. Work on a new strategy for managing stress with my therapist...And...write at night again.

There is nothing like writing at night. There just isn't. The moon is out and special things happen for a moon child when the moon is out. And yes, I am a moon child.

Well, since the rest of this goes somewhere else, I will bow out for now. For anyone actually waiting for book three, I swear I am working on it! I am doing my best! Life just isn't my friend right now.

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