Monday, May 13, 2013

Gay Marriage passed in Minnesota :(

I keep trying to think of a way to explain why this is such a big deal to me...So many of my friends are Liberals and I am clearly a conservative Republican... are my issues.

1. How long before Mother and Father are taken off of the birth certificates? It is already happening elsewhere...

2. How do we Christians explain the difference between law and our faith to our children?

3. In every state that passes gay marriage, the school children are taught about gay marriage, and that it is okay..., I don't really have the option of home schooling...the district would make me take my kids in for targeted services anyhow! And my faith doesn't count in America anymore...I'm not an Atheist or a Muslim...

4. We conservatives were stabbed in the back today by our elected officials...and that is seriously bothering me. How do you stand up, say that you know your constituents are going to boot you out of office for this, and still vote that way??? How do you stab the people who voted you in, in the back??? Their JOB was to represent the people of their district...and at least 30 of them stabbed their constituents in the back. It's that simple.

5. Slowly but surely, the Christian faith is being discriminated against in this country. I feel like my religion was directly under attack today...and God lost this battle...I just hope he knows his believers are crying along with him.

6. God destroyed the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. Period. He turned Lot's wife into a pillar of salt for looking back because he felt so strongly about it being wrong. Even Jesus taught that marriage was between one man and one woman. I CAN'T support gay marriage. I would be slapping my God in the face! And I really do feel that strongly about it! Yes, Jesus died for our sins...Yes, the bible says to love our neighbor...but even Jesus was pretty forthcoming about loving your neighbor but showing them the righteous path! Jesus taught that you DON'T condone the preach to them about the right path and forgive them for their sins...and you try to bring them back to the righteous path.

7. How long before multiple (as in more than two) are allowed on a birth certificate? It has already happened in other states.

8. Where does marrying for love stop? How long before polygamy/polygyny is legal? Heck...multiple parents on a birth certificate, gay marriage...why not two men and one woman...or two women and one man? Actually...that sounds kinda extra hubby to help pay the bills! (Just kidding!!!!)

9. One man, one woman...the HISTORICAL definition of the family unit...and it is being obliterated.

10. Gay marriage was voted on...but we STILL DON'T have a budget passed? Priorities? Not in this land of Libatards! Sigh...we are going to end up with ANOTHER STATE SHUT DOWN IF THEY DON'T PASS A BUDGET! And I don't know about you all...but this last one sucked! Yes it did...big time.

I get that people want a seperation of church and state...and guess what? I am all for that! But that means that the state has to give marriage back to the churches. They took it from the churches...we are happy to have it back.

I have no problem with the government issuing me a civil union and going to my church to be married in the eyes of the Lord. That is fine with me...I have a problem with the state screaming SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!!! But then they say we have to allow gay marriages?


At least that is what is being reported with the failure of A10...

Sigh...I was born in the wrong era! I need to go backwards in time and be born right the civil war was over...Just saying...

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