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Tia's Folly : The Prologue




“We’re doomed,” the Drow stated helplessly, staring down at the scarred and torn battlefield.

The scene was an all too familiar one for the seasoned soldier…nothing but hills of death lay spread before him. In moments like this, surrender seemed like the only option.

“Surely the Druids will help us now!” his Gnome companion whispered, wistfully expressing the only hope they had left. “Gunter, I’m right, aren’t I?”

“Ark, according to the Dragons, the Gods have forbidden them from interfering,” Gunter emptily replied to his friend. “If their Dragon guides can’t convince them to help, nothing will.”

Pausing to survey the damage once again, the pair watched as one of their fellow soldiers limped towards them.

“I held the hand of the last Wood Nymph as she died,” the Satyr cried out haggardly, as he climbed to the top of the rise holding his wounded side. “What is a Satyr without a Nymph to chase?”

Listening to the broken sobbing of the Satyr, they knew there was nothing they could say or do to comfort him. A Satyr without a was like a Phoenix without fire or a Water Sprite without the water. If the Satyr didn’t find a Nymph within the next moon cycle or two…he would die.

As his tears slowly dried, the odd group watched as soldiers dragged the corpses of their fallen comrades towards a mass grave. Normally they would have been looking for any wounded who needed help before burying the dead, but this wasn’t a normal battle. The Phoenix Warlord, Bylan, never left survivors.  As they had sounded the horns to retreat, Bylan’s soldiers took to the battleground and killed all the wounded left behind; including their own. The gruesome scene was familiar to the weary warriors, but they never got used to the horror the Warlord left in his wake.

“When the Druids hear of this I know they will help,” Ark muttered to himself. “They have to…don’t they?”

“Ha!” the Satyr responded humorlessly. “They only hear the rumors that the Warlord can’t be as evil as we claim. And you know what? He isn’t as evil as the rumors say he is…he’s worse.”

Lost in thought, they each silently considered the implications of continuing the war. If the loss of life wasn’t bad enough, now entire races were on the verge of extinction. Each man knew that without the Druids, there simply wasn’t any hope.

“Bylan has gone too far, and has upset the balance of nature.” The unmistakably calm voice of a Falkerie woman came from behind the group. “He has now eradicated Wood Nymphs, and we have sent the only living Water Sprites to take refuge on Druid land. I begin to believe we should seriously consider giving into the Warlord’s demands.”

 “Surely not, Faye!” Ark exclaimed in shock as he spun around to face the Falkerie. “Surely the Druids can help us!”

The Satyr fell to his knees as the implications of the Falkerie’s words hit him. A Satyr simply couldn’t exist without a Nymph. If they were gone, his race was next. He sank to the ground and lay there listlessly. There was nothing else for him to live for, no hope left for his kind.

Gunter moved to kneel beside his comrade, and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“The Druids will do as the Gods command them to,” Faye replied with a tilt of her head, but her eyes watched the Drow’s odd behavior with curiosity. As far as she knew, Drows hadn’t shown compassion for anyone since their race was first created. “Whether that will help us or not has yet to be seen.”

“Would it change anything if I managed to convince my king to send more warriors?” Gunter questioned Faye harshly, but the quiver of his bottom lip took away the commanding tone he tried for.

“No,” Faye’s eyes were full of sympathy. “If the Gods don’t send the Druids, and soon, all will be lost.”

Silence fell and all eyes returned to the prone Satyr. Not even the Druids could help him now…
Chapter One to come in a few days....

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  1. I loved watching this book come together :-) You write in a way that I assume is much more typical of an author - you keep changing and fixing things until they are perfect :-D It was awesome to get to see how this book took shape in your mind and then become a real, honest to goodness book that will one day have a large fan following!

    1. Lol! Who says I will ever have a fan base (besides you :))? Once this series is done, I am going to write a few stand alones though...this trilogy took a good chunk of time and I would like the freedom to just write whatever I want to for a while.