Monday, May 13, 2013

The Start of week two...I am cautiously optimistic...

Well, I weighed myself early last week and I didn't lose an ounce since then. BUT, the weather was awful and I didn't get outside to exercise and I woke up this morning to my auntie flow.

My current weight?

224.8 pounds.

Yeah yeah...I know, five pounds a week is awesome! I am just going to keep working on losing the weight. I have so much to lose! Or at least it feels that goal weight is 150, only 74.8 pounds to go!

I expect ups and downs...and in reality I did really good. My normal cheat day will be Friday (pizza and movie night). It was Mothers Day this weekend and I went to the Texas Road House...and, I managed to stick within my calories that day too...

Last night I kind of cheated and I had a few snickers mini's. I am not surprised by how bad I had the munchies last night though...not with waking up to Aunt Flow.

But hey, FIVE pounds! That is nothing to sneeze at and I will take it!

Hopefully I get out more this week and I start being able to ride that bike for longer and longer! I am excited to be able to ride to my appointments or to visit people....

My biggest issue is the left leg. Because of the surgeries on my feet, and the time off of that leg, my left leg is really weak. Every time I am done biking I feel really wobbly going up my stairs because my left leg is so tired!

Anyhow, five pounds down in week one! Yay Elly!

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