Sunday, October 27, 2013


My editor has my memoir and my beta reader has the final book in my series. Right now, all I am doing is waiting for one of them to get me something I can work on!!!

I could be working on book three...that I think is only going to end up being a novella....

BUT, how do I work on my WIP when I am so anxiously awaiting either of my other two books! I am too excited to write!

As soon as my memoir is done, I plan on putting up the Intro and a few of the poems on this site (it isn't long enough to do much more than that). When Aria's Redemption is done, I plan on putting up the prologue and the first two chapters!

I am too excited to write (what I consider to be a boring YA book without any FUN parts! I like writing dark novels) a YA novel! Maybe I should start a short dark erotica to fill the time...hum...

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