Friday, October 25, 2013

Why does money have to be the thing to hold me back???

As an SPA, I am incredibly lucky to have a very supportive spouse. However, it is really expensive to publish a book!!!

Cover artist - $50-100
Editor $250 per book regardless of length
Formatter - $50 per book
Proof Copies - $20 per book

This means that every book costs me around $320-$420 to publish!!!

Unfortunately, this means that I have to do it as I can afford it. Very shortly, I am going to have a $500 dollar bill from my editor (for two books). Thankfully, I have already paid for all of the covers. BUT, I am also looking at another $200 dollars to get my books formatted!'s just a LOT of money.

The problem? I am not making any money off of my books yet. I get small royalty payments here and there but the amounts are piddly compared to the amounts I have spent.

On the plus side, my husband is willing to pay for this and he supports my writing. I just hope someday my writing returns the favor and starts to pay us back.

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