Sunday, September 7, 2014

Not doing so good...

   So, the whole being bi-polar thing? Well, it is causing me a lot of issues. I am NOT okay. I am NOT feeling good. I am NOT normal...

   How do I explain that to people? How do I get people to understand that? I am NOT normal. I don't process information the same way, I don't understand people, I don't react the way normal people would.

   This entire journey from Minnesota to Florida has been wrought with issues and problems. I am not handing it well. I am trying and failing. It feels like everyday is getting harder and harder.

   I am trying to do what I have to do...but...I am not making it right now.

   God, I need to get back into therapy. I need life to get better...

   This is one of those days/weeks/years where I just really wish I was "normal".

   Mental health problems suck.