Monday, March 30, 2015

I have a bad online gaming addiction.

     There it is. I admit it. I can't stay away from gaming online. I play these games when I first wake up in the morning, I play them constantly!!!
     I can't figure out how to STOP playing these games. I have deleted them from my phone but the withdrawal just drives me insane!
     HELP!!! Advice here would be greatly appreciated.

     In other news, we picked up a 700+ dollar pool for free! It needs some patching and needed a really really good scrubbing but we are hoping it will work out for at least this summer :) That would be so cool for the girls. Right now it is a whole bunch of work but we are doing out best and so far we have it filled and it is being shocked right now...if I did it right anyhow.

     I am on an interesting cocktail of meds right now. They are for anxiety (thank you SO much to the person who called the police on did wonders for my anxiety), my BPD (bipolar disorder), and my depression. The BPD meds make me anxious, the depression meds make me more anxious, and the anxiety med makes me high!!!!! I avoid it like the plague! Why, oh why, do people enjoy being high? It turns your brain to mush and makes you into an idiot. Blah!!! I have had that particular med for 6 months and have taken it less than 10 times. Yuck...who wants to become a blithering idiot? Not me!!

     But, I think all of these meds are interfering with my ability to write and function a little bit more normally....but then I think back to before the meds and I wasn't functioning very well without them either (or writing). Sigh...where is my happy medium?

     On the home front, my husband is working all of the time and the kids are on spring break. We have just been hanging out at home...well, me and Ashley anyhow...enjoying each others company. Cora has been out and about hanging out with friends. Little by little life is getting figured out...

     I applied for a targeted case manager to see if I can get a solid diagnosis for where Ashley is on the autism spectrum. It's hard for her to have the diagnosis but not know WHERE she is and what the future could hold for her. I am a planner...but how do you plan for the unknown when it comes to your child's future? I just don't know.

     Unfortunately, our wonderful therapist has taken a new job and will only be seeing Ashley through this next month :( Now Ashley will have to get to know a new therapist and she doesn't always do well with change. Heck, we really can't afford a trip back to MN this summer but we are taking one because Ashley is struggling with depression and we think that a trip home may help her. That way she will see that just because we aren't there anymore doesn't mean that we won't ever go home....if that makes any sense.

     Other than all of that, it has just been SSDD.

I encourage anyone who reads this who has questions to contact me. If you read my books, my email address is in the back of every single one. I am a very open person. You could just respond on here too :)

So...any advise out there for how to break a gaming addiction?

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