Saturday, March 21, 2015

I have decided.

And I don't think I have a reason to close this blog. I mean seriously, I am going to run into idiots online as well as in my everyday life. I have no desire to give them control over what I do or don't do...and I like blogging.

Besides that, I am lonely. I just moved to a new state and I haven't met many new people yet. This is a good way for me to vent and just talk to anyone. Yeah, yeah...I can't talk to the people who read this but what I can do is practice putting myself out there.

Putting myself out there used to be second nature for me. And then a really shitty thing happened to me and it triggered my PTSD. Now I get anxious every time I try to leave my house. Sometimes the anxiety is so bad I have to take meds to get myself calm enough to do routine, go to Walmart or the grocery store.

Ever since the trigger, everything that I am is put into my children. I am trying to get beyond that. I am trying to start to write again (hence blogging) and I am trying to get back to being Elly. That is all I want. I want to be a functioning member of society...not a recluse who has a panic attack at the thought of going to Winn Dixie!

Anyhow, enough about me and my mental deficiencies.

This last week has been a long and hard one...I was personally attacked by my online stalkers. They sent the police to my house and DCF...but you know what? Nothing happened because there was NO REASON for the police to be called in the first place!

I don't know about all of you, but it freaks the shit out of me to open my door to the police...on the plus side, I now know that the police in my area are awesome!

This weekend though...So far anyhow...its just all been about my husband. He is working so much that we rarely get to see him so when we do it is kind of like Christmas :)

My girls have had an awesome weekend so far just hanging out with friends and getting a sunburn (Not my fault...well...I guess if I had ESP I would have known to send sunscreen with my daughter). The weather here in Florida has been in the high 80's and sunny. I am so NOT missing MN weather :)

Anyhow, that's all for now. It may be a few days before I blog again. I have a book to get edited and then back to my editor :))

It won't be long and I will be publishing my fourth book! Yay me!


Now to get my head on straight and get the sixth book written (#5 is just awaiting approval from a family member and then it will be ready for publishing too)!

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