Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Really? More trolls already?

So, my last blog earned me a threat to report me...for what I am not sure.

Just an FYI for people new to my blog.

I have a 10 year old who is NOT what you call normal. She has a long list of diagnosis's and is in therapy. Her therapist was already informed, has addressed, and taken care of the situation. Yes, my ten year old does things other ten year olds don't...She is somewhere on the spectrum but no one is willing to say where. I think she is high functioning aspergers and the specialtists aren't comfortable saying where she is on the spectrum quite yet.

She does weird things, she doesn't get social norms. Nothing she does anymore is weird to us. We find the humor in it, explain why she can't do some of the things she does, and move on.

And for the love of GOD! If you don't like my blog, don't read it!!! I don't need stalkers, trolls, ect.

People who just want to follow don't bother me at all but seriously...someone said they were reporting me because of my last blog post...who they are reporting me to, I don't know...but oh well.

I have already explained that I am JUST coming out of a bipolar down. Please people, I really don't need any triggers to push me back down. This is tentative enough as is.

From now on if I am going to be trolled it will be by people willing to show their face....The latest troll is gone after I deleted her posts telling me that I taught my kids how to suck cock and have anal sex...then she got mad that I deleted them and said I should be willing to face wasn't criticism...that was sick and wrong woman!!!!

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