Monday, April 6, 2015

Oh child....

     So, my oldest broke her viola that we are renting from the school. She gets told by her teacher to get it fixed. Period.

     She is 12 so obviously they want us to pay for it...but in looking at it, it was PREVIOUSLY BROKEN IN THE SAME SPOT!!! So, it probably wouldn't have broken if it was properly repaired the first time.

     Do you have any idea how far I am going to have to drive this thing to get it to a repair shop? They don't just have viola repair stores around the corner from me.

     Sigh...but, what can I do. As a parent, I have to get it fixed...though I still say she shouldn't be responsible for it in the first place. This is NOT a viola in good shape. It has been repaired multiple times so that means it has been broken multiple times. Sigh...where am I going to find the money for this? It is going to end up coming out of the going home to MN fund but I really really do NOT want to do that! This could mean not going home this year and I really need this trip.

     No, I really need the trip home. My anxiety is so bad right now that I have officially been put on anti-anxiety meds. All I want is to be surrounded by my family for a week (my aunts and cousins and my mom and my dad).

     Anyhow, Ashley has a cold...but with her and her issues it means she is constantly picking her nose and eating her boogers!!! EWWW! She thinks it is funny that we react with horror when we catch her. I am just about at my wits end and I have no idea how to make her stop. But I recently read an article saying that picking your nose and eating it isn't bad for you...(gross, I know).

     My ass was run into the ground today. Just wanted to do a quick update before I lay down for a nap and await my husbands return. This working all the time thing sucks. I miss my husband.

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